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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by aloha.android, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. aloha.android

    aloha.android Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Im 23 years old and I have no college education. Tbh my circle of friends wouldn't be the best to ask these type of questions so I wanted to ask a more mature community.

    No one has ever guided me with this college stuff. I've never had parents. I was raised by other family members. I never really gave a fck about my life until recently. I woke up this morning and realized how bad my life actually is. I have no kids bit I do have a gf.

    My question is what is my best route about attending college and how do I know what I actually want to profess in? I've thought about audio engineering and computer science but im torn between the two.

    Is it difficult to distinguish a hobby over a life time career commitment?

    I've never done any programming and im about average with knowledge of computers. However im able to learn pretty fast and I love the entire movement behind android.

    So considering the different fields there are for android, could there be one that anyone an point out which would fit my personality or hobbies?

    What field would be the best to go to school for if you want to work in any field that deals with android? Are there other fields besides just software engineering?
    What about cellphones or telecommunications in general?

    Thank you for all your help guys. This thread will mean a lot to me.


  2. sitlet


    Apr 11, 2010
    To be honest, this isnt the place to be asking about where your life is going. Thats something you need to figure out yourself, with the help of family, counselors, past teachers, or close friends. Any advice we give you is our own, not yours, and may not fit into your life.

    That being said, Ill give you some advice as to what I would do, but again, take it with a grain of salt.

    The first step is to decide what you want to major in, then choose a college that excels in teaching that. You also need to pick a college based on price, location, availability, etc.

    Again, thats nothing we can tell you. Find something you are interested in. Something that you wont get bored with 40 years down the road after doing it 5 days a week.

    A good career IS your favorite hobby. Anyone with a favorite hobby will always tell you "I wish I could do this as a career and get paid for it".

    Thats what college is for. And FYI, by the time you are done with college, there might not be any more Android. As fast as technology is today, you're lucky is something lasts more than a few years.
  3. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    Jan 22, 2010
    if you are planning to go to a full university...college...
    you should pick a college that has the focus on most the things you like... you sound interested in tech.. so find one with has good reputation in tech majors (keeping in mind location, cost, and availability).

    then the first 2 yrs.. you will be taking basics.. which will include a lot of different types of techs... this is when you can make your focus in the areas you find more interesting and better for your abilities.

    you might be able to get Major in one area and a Minor in other areas.

    let a counselor in the college you choose to help you fine tune your degree direction.
  4. Gritwater


    Nov 3, 2010
    go to a community college.... I know it sucks to pay out of pocket, but if you have to, it's doable. I paid for my entire community college out of pocket (I didn't understand to get grants (the free money) you had to apply for loans (which I didn't want) I didn't realize that I could have just accepted the free and turned down the loans. Live and learn

    So with no kids.... you have no reason why you can't make it happen. I had to give up certain luxuries like driving new cars, I had to get roommates to split costs and having kids (or just getting lazy about making sure I didn't have kids) HAD TO BE ACCOUNTED FOR.

    at community college, you are just taking your general education courses anyways that everyone has to do.... your english math science, histories.... Just sorta get your major in a general area at first.... then, as you continue, you can pinpoint your exact major then.

    Truth be told, though, I had to get loans for the University. It was 3 x's the cost of community college.

    but the only thing stopping you will be you. I get so tired of hearing people use money as an excuse not to go. I understand kids will always have to be taken care of first, but you don't have any and that's the biggest advantage you have going for you right now.
  5. College is something I wish I took more seriously. I was going to a state university, paying out of pocket and I just couldnt afford school without working, and the amount time I needed to dedicate to work and school cause both my work and school to plummet. I decided to drop out after my first semester because if I were to stay i wouldnt have been able to afford it (no family to speak of and no loans)

    Now after ive been working for a little over a year im trying to build up enough cash to pay for another 2 years of school and work over the summer not during the school year.

    basically. if you can go to college it is well worth it.

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