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Scoremobile is on the market

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nyjetsfan28, May 23, 2010.

  1. nyjetsfan28

    nyjetsfan28 Member
    Thread Starter

    For anyone coming from blackberry out other phone and loved the score mobile app, well it's available on the market. It's very nice and has an awesome widget. Easily the best sports score app I've seen so far.

    Just wanted to pass it along.

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  2. sunthas

    sunthas Well-Known Member

    I've currently got Sports Tap installed. The one nice thing I see off the bat about Sports Tap over ScoreMobile is that Sports Tap only use 4x1 instead of 4x2 with ScoreMobile.

    But I'd put ScoreMobile as a better sports app with just a little testing. Tons more sports on it. I mostly care about NCAA football. I noticed both apps use the same news feed.

    /edit: After playing with ScoreMobile for a few more minutes, it might just be my new favorite app!
  3. Roller

    Roller Member

    Pretty impressive App. The widget is great. Time to delete Sports Tap.
  4. woop

    woop novacane (OFWGKTA)

    I'm also using SportsTap, but will give this a try. Thanks.
  5. paimon.soror

    paimon.soror Android Enthusiast

    I gave the widget a shot for a bit, but honestly, it would forget about games that were scheduled. For example, the widget wouldn't show that the celtics/magic team was on...it just showed "no games scheduled" .... Also, no favorite teams yet.... back to sports tap for now.
  6. nyjetsfan28

    nyjetsfan28 Member
    Thread Starter

    Ya they have some bugs to work out but it just seems easier to navigate than sports tap but it's all preference. Coming from blackberry and using score mobile I really missed it.

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  7. alison03

    alison03 Android Enthusiast

    Am I just not understanding the full potential of apps? How do I customize my widget? The widget is the blue box with the yellow underlined S, correct? That can be customized? I've been playing around with the app and looked online for a faq place but nothing I've found has a lot of info about it.
  8. nyjetsfan28

    nyjetsfan28 Member
    Thread Starter

    Are you adding the program or the widget to your home? The program is only going to be the s. Add the widget and you get the full experience.

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  9. alison03

    alison03 Android Enthusiast

    Ohhhh. I had no idea there was a difference. Yeah I just went to All Programs and long pressed the scoremobile app and the brought it to my homepage. How do I get the widget that I can customize? Do most apps from the market have separate widgets that are customizable? I just assumed a widget meant it was a shortcut from the all program page. I am soooooo new to Android. :)
  10. nyjetsfan28

    nyjetsfan28 Member
    Thread Starter

    Lol no worries I did the same thing for a while which coincidently lead me to this website.

    Not all widgets are customizable. And not every app had a widget. And not everyone likes widgets lol. It's solely preference based. widgets will typically take up more room on your home but also offer more quick glance material. At the end of the day it's just great to have choices.

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  11. alison03

    alison03 Android Enthusiast

    lol gotcha! oh man, this just might open a whole new world. How do I grab that customizable widget? Do I need to go back to the app store? Or do I open the program and find it in there?
  12. nyjetsfan28

    nyjetsfan28 Member
    Thread Starter

    When you add it to your home select add widget instead of program.

    Widgets is really when the fun begins.

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    alison03 likes this.
  13. alison03

    alison03 Android Enthusiast

    ahhhh there it is. I see, it's this large icon thingy instead of the little box. hahaha thank you so much! how cool!!
  14. nyjetsfan28

    nyjetsfan28 Member
    Thread Starter

    Now play around with other widgets you never knew existed. Unlock the full potential of your incredible. :)

    Sent from my HTC Incredible using Tapatalk
  15. alison03

    alison03 Android Enthusiast

    On it!!!!! really excited to see all the things I'll be able to do! Thank you again!!! :) :) :)
  16. nyjetsfan28

    nyjetsfan28 Member
    Thread Starter

    No problem enjoy. :)

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  17. kramerica

    kramerica Android Enthusiast

    Thank you jetsfan! My top 3 BlackBerry app. Excited for them to work the bugs out, but I loved this app on the BB. Nice find and thanks for the post!
  18. DenverRalphy

    DenverRalphy Android Enthusiast

    I've always loved ScoreMobile on BB. With Android it's even more spectacular. I've heard complaints about lag in updating scores, but I've yet to see ANY live scoring app not suffer from that from time to time (It's solely dependent on how reliably the scores are updated into a stream...lag happens to all of them).

    Hands down, ScoreMobile is the best sports score app, and their widget is da bomb-diggity.
  19. briankeith513

    briankeith513 Well-Known Member

    These are the problems that I'm having....this sucks badly.
  20. nyjetsfan28

    nyjetsfan28 Member
    Thread Starter

    It's not doing it all the time so I'm sure it's something they can update pretty quickly. It's pretty new so it'll improve. I already find it better than sports tap. But I also used it nonstop on my blackberry so maybe I'm biased. :)
    Sent from my HTC Incredible using Tapatalk
  21. Is this and SportsTab the only 2 to show sport scores of a widget??
  22. Eloquence

    Eloquence Well-Known Member

    +1 for ScoreMobile. This app actually is cool enough to get me into sports! I'm installing it just to check it, play with it on my phone and set up the widget! Lol. :D

    Big shout out to nyjetsfan28

  23. Asterdroid

    Asterdroid Android Expert

    Quick Question. Has anyone been able to figure out how to add an NFL team to their "favorite teams"?
  24. WizeGuyDezignz

    WizeGuyDezignz Android Expert

    Is there any way to get score notifications like SportsTap? I like how when I choose my favorite baseball team an icon will go up in the notification bar and it will make a sound every time a team scores in that game. Is this possible with this app?
  25. sunthas

    sunthas Well-Known Member

    It doesn't look like there is a favorite team setting on ScoreMobile.

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