Scrambling Code on the Hero?

This may be over most people's heads...

...but I'm trying to find a special field test mode for the Hero (besides *#*#4636#*#*) that can show me the scrambling code.

The SC or PCS is basically the ID number of the antenna of the cell site that you're on.

Anyone know?


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Are you sure you don't know some other debug mode/field test mode?

That's better than nothing; if anyone knows another field test mode that shows more info, I can dig around in the phone for that "PSC" or "SC" field that I'm looking for....


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Ah ha!
I found that if you download an app like:

-RF Signal Tracker or
-Antennas, or
-CellID Loger
(just search them in the marketplace)

They will show the CellID or Current Cell. Then you just match those up with a spreadsheet of all your providers' cell sites and then you can see which site you're on.

It's often surprising; you will often be served by a site further away than the closest one...due to obstructions, antenna direction, tower height, etc.

This is ONE STEP closer to answering my original question. I'd still prefer to see the scrambling codes (or pilots) because then I could see exactly which antenna I'm on.

But I'll settle for knowing which site I'm on....

PS: really...go download those apps; RF Signal Tracker seems like the best.
PPS: a bug in the Hero is that the RSSI in those apps will not update (not even in *#*#4636#*#*). But I found you can refresh the screen by locking it and then unlocking it. Annoying.


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Cheers for this. i have no idea what or why you trying to do ... but the suggested app might help my with my wap problems. I'm usign antennas as rf signal tracker is not in te market anymore