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Scratched screen or coating

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by greenwoodma, May 27, 2011.

  1. greenwoodma

    greenwoodma Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've had my Samsung Galaxy S2 a couple of weeks now and noticed that there is a little scratch on the screen. Can't describe whether it's actually the screen is scratched or the coating, but was wondering what I could do to fix it.
    The phone is in a case and not in pockets with keys, so can't figure out where the scratch has come from.

    I tried some cleaning solution and toothpaste and they didn't work.

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  2. Shocky

    Shocky Android Expert

    Other than replacing the glass I don't see how you can fix it, get a screen protector an ensure it doesnt happen again.

    I used a leather pouch for a few weeks and ended up with a few scratches on the back, back is very prone to scratchs and the glass is not stratch proof.

    I now use Samsung case with screen protector, full protection without need for sock or pouch.
  3. locster126

    locster126 Lurker

    first phone I had got scratched up quickly eventho I had a pouch for it...problem was I bought the phone when it was released and traveled for 2 weeks..in the country I went to they didnt have the phone yet so I couldnt get screen protectors and what not...so I used a general pouch but still managed to scratch the screen up (think it was my ring).

    Got a new phone now which I put on a screen protector straight away..thinking of buying the invisible shield to make sure I will never get a scratch in my life hehehe...as with the cheap screen protectors..if something hard will scratch it it my penetrate through to the actual screen..but with an invisible shield its more or less safe....
  4. 1ds

    1ds Member

    how the hell u managed to scratch the gorilla glass? i owned 3-4 devices with gorilla glass and none of them got a single nick in daily use.
  5. Dark Jedi

    Dark Jedi Guest

    gorilla glass is scratch resistant and not scratch proof. Even my original moto droid glass had a couple scratches.

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