Help Screen blinks/flashes during sleep mode


I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this...

I typically have my phone sitting on my desk infront of my keyboard @ work. I noticed that once maybe every 5 minutes or so, that the screen flashes on&off once. I assume it's waking to check for data updates or something, but just seemed odd. :thinking:


lately even my samsung galaxy 551 i5510 is showing this behaviour earlier it did not blink but now for me like every 2-3 minutes it blinks i.e screen comes and goes after 1-5 secs time. All this happens after i put the phone in sleep mode by pressing power button. Whole night my mom felt as if someone was blinking torch in our house. Earlier also my phone was on table whole night / day but this way the screen did not blink / flash. Can it be some bug or virus?


Android Expert
Looks like you have an app that's not playing nice. Bad applications can cause the phone to not sleep.