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Accessories Screen/Body Protection Summary

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sajj, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. sajj

    sajj Active Member
    Thread Starter

    Oct 25, 2008
    Just my "2cents"

    I am over protective with my electronics!! So okay, I did a little bit of research, and I have concluded that there are three candidates that you would most likely choose from (or at least what looked most promising).

    -Zagg/Invisible Shields (http://www.zagg.com/invisibleshield/t-mobile-g1-cases-screen-protectors-covers-skins-shields.php)
    MOST POPULAR!! Lifetime Guarantee! There is a deal going on till the 31st of October, 20% off the shields!! This makes the body 19.96 and the screen 11.96! HOWEVER, i just discovered that there is a coupon you can apply actually ON the 31st of October! The discount code that you enter at checkout is "scary40", and this code takes 40% off everything! So hypothetically, on HALLOWEEN ONLY you will get additional 40% off the already marked down prices, making body 11.98 and the screen 7.17, which is REALLY good for invisible skins product. Only bad side is 7-14 business day shipping, however some have received it earlier. Also an in depth review of the full body skin can be seen thanks to N3TWORK BURN3R in same thread.

    -Body Gaurdz (http://www.bodyguardz.com/T_Mobile_G1_p/tmobileg1.htm?Click=16843)
    TWO OF EVERYTHING!! Lifetime Guarantee! This is the most expensive at the time (24.95 body/ 14.95 screen), but you do get two of everything, so technically it is cheaper than the Invisible Shield if you have someone to split with, and free shipping!

    -Best Skins Ever (http://www.bestskinsever.com/servlet/the-115/T-dsh-Mobile-G1-Skin/Detail)
    PRICE IS A DEAL MAKER! The deal is ending on 29th - 5.99$, ultimately after watching videos on youtube and reading many reviews, I finally came to a conclusion that i wanted this product. I would have to mainly say that its because of the price, and that since i ordered 3+ (for me and my friends), the shipping was free! It claims that the shipping is 24 Hours as well, I can't wait, compared to the 7-14 business days I was looking forward to Invisible Shield.

    Overall, GET ONE before you regret it and from what I get, all of these products are using the SAME material, so you're not losing out on any of them... or gaining? I'll let you be the judge. When and if i get my protection, i'll post pics if yall want.

    Also, if other people have found better deals, feel free to share!

    Got an e-mail from BSE, shipping is 5-7 business days, rofl. Hopefully I don't own my phone by then >< ! ! !

    ANOTHER OPTION: http://www.ghost-armor.com, and their demo videos http://ghost-armor.com/videos/info_6.html
    The price of this one is only 14.99 USD, and from what I can see, well worth it. Again, like the others, it provides lifetime guarantee/warranty, and even a 30 day money back. (also provided by invisible and bodyguardz). Doesn't have orange peel effect as well, so thats a plus. Almost made me cancel my order!! :O thanks jvcjbl!


  2. jvcjbl

    jvcjbl Active Member

    Oct 21, 2008
    There is also a 4th option that you overlooked... Ghost Armor.... http://www.ghost-armor.com

    They make some fantastic stuff... they are here locally in AZ
  3. Vivid

    Vivid Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2008
    I ordered Bodygardz, same day free shipping, 20% discount for returning customers, 2 of the shields and lifetime replacements...

    its still the most expensive but from what I've read it has the least issues (orange peel, corner lifting) therefore its a bit of you get what you pay for... that being said it does not sound like any of them are bad.
  4. Flatman

    Flatman Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 2008
    I ordered 2 of the bestskinsever versions for me and a co-worker. I will also post some pics up when we get them on... :)
  5. lkosova

    lkosova Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2008
    check out www.onlyg1.com. lots of g1 stuff and cheap car chargers etc.


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