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Screen brightness and data lockup

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by carnivalrejectq, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. carnivalrejectq

    Thread Starter

    Ok so I'm about a week and a half maybe more in with the froyo rom the newst one and while I love it....especially the battery life....I'm expiriencing some new problems that I don't recall having before. The screen will ranomly turn off even though I have the screen delay set to 2 minutes. Other times it will just get dim to about 30 percent regardless of the brightness setting. I'm wondering if this is strictlg a hardware issue or something to do with the rom? I'm just afraid one time its not going to turn back on lol.

    Also I'm having data lockups where I have to restart the phone at least once a day. I don't recall expiriencing this before.

    A little help and or understanding would be much appreciated on these 2 topics....also does anyone know of any bettter roms? Like one where wireless tethering app actually works? I have yet to have it work since installing this rom.

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  2. pastafarian

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    There were some graphical and reboot problems with 1.8.8/9, supposedly fixed with 1.8.10rc1.

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