Screen Brightness on Atrix HD


I have to set my screen to dimmest it will go to get my battery to last all day and I would say this is with just a hour of use total calling texting, and a little surfing and some facebooking. If I dont turn it all the way down I would say 8hrs tops and its dead. This is horrible battery in this phone IMO. Says screen is 87% battery usage and it probably isnt on a hour out of the day total. Next is FB only like 35% then everything else is way low on % wise. What can I do to help this any suggestions. What the use in having this nice screen if the battery wont support it for long.

What is the best battery saver app that is free? Thanks!


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FWIW, I was using the native power saving controls, and was able to get two days of "my normal use"...when at home and in a good LTE signal area (and three to five days with my Motorola Defy).That all changes when at work however.

I also use(d) the "Screen Adjuster" application to dim the screen a little lower than stock adjustment would allow. As with my Note, I feel the Atrix HD is a little to bright, at it's lowest setting, for indoor/night use, and the battery life could benefit from the screen producing a dimmer image.


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Well I installed juice defender and phone still works as normal and its been discharging for 10hrs and I still got 71% battery. So this app works good it would be down to like 15% by now before I installed the Juice Defender App. Sweet!!