Help Screen broke on Xperia z3 will my pictures be saved?


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Screen broke cannot access anything can't sd them When I get my new phone will the pictures still be on my sim? Can't remember anything about Google cloud login.

Thank you

Your pics could be in one or more of several places: (none of which are the SIM card! - SIM cards hold only names and phone numbers and by default are not even used for that these days)

1 Internal phone storage
2 Removable SDcard (if you have one installed and set the camera to save there)
3 Cloud storage such as Google Photos or Dropbox if you set the app to back them up. (or did it manually)

2 is easy - take the sdcard out and put it in your new phone (or a PC card reader)

1 You need to be able to turn on your phone, unlock it (might be the issue with a broken screen) and plug in a usb cable - you may be able to see the photos from a PC

3 This should be easy IF you know the login and password for your cloud storage - just add the accounts to your new phone. Hopefully you do know your google account name and login so that you can restore contacts, apps etc on your new phone...
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