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Screen coming back on after sleep button pressed

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bc1080, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. bc1080

    bc1080 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello all, I am new to Android and smart phones in general, so I am doing a lot of learning on everything. I have noticed my week old Atrix 2 doing something I think is strange. Every once in a while, when I hit the sleep button the screen will turn off like normal and then just a second or so later come back on and sit at the slide lock screen. It seems like this might happen when the phone is shaken or moved rapidly right after I hit the button (like I set it down on the table while hitting the button). But this might just be coincidence as I can not reliably replicate this behavior and it has not happened enough for me to form any real conclusions. I was able to find a few other reports of this sort of behavior and it didn't seem to be isolated to Atrix 2 phones, so I wasn't sure if it was an Android thing. I mean for all I know this is a feature to prevent the phone from turning off accidentally :thinking:. Other than going into sleep mode, I do not believe the screen is coming on at other random times. I think every time I have found it with the screen on could have possibly be explained by something I was doing (reaching into pocket, brushing sleep button, etc.) Has anyone else seen this happen or found out why or how to stop it?

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  2. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Android Enthusiast

    Maybe you can adjust your screen/haptic feedback sensitivity to keep this from happening? I use an Otterbox protective case, so my screen stays covered most of the time when I'm not using it and wouldn't know if it comes back on after going to "sleep." Hope the settings adjustments can help.
  3. bc1080

    bc1080 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the response! Af first, I was thinking that it was due to me brushing the screen or touch buttons while shutting down, but the last couple times I'm pretty sure I didn't hit anything. I'll take a look at the haptic settings though. I noticed that the last few times it was happening it was when I had the wifi turned on. It seems to come in batches, like it will happen 3 times in a couple hours, then not again for days.
  4. bc1080

    bc1080 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    All right, just a little update. I realize this is a complicated question, but I'm going to keep at it a bit just to have the info out there and maybe it will get some attention from Motorola or the right people. If I happen to solve the problem I will post it here.

    It is still happening, and I retract my guess that it has to do with wifi use, it happens with wifi on or off. I noticed that when it turns off, what it actually does is the screen does it's "crt" style screen off animation, then blinks back on to the previous screen for a split second, then flickers to the slide unlock screen.

    I'm thinking it is also related to another weird behavior. Sometimes after the screen times out and I immediately hit the power button to prevent it from sleeping, the next time I hit the home screen touch button (even after using other features/buttons on the phone) I am taken to the pattern password screen.
  5. rsk11584

    rsk11584 Newbie

    lately even my samsung galaxy 551 i5510 is showing this behaviour earlier it did not blink but now for me like every 2-3 minutes it blinks i.e screen comes and goes after 1-5 secs time. All this happens after i put the phone in sleep mode by pressing power button. Whole night my mom felt as if someone was blinking torch in our house. Earlier also my phone was on table whole night / day but this way the screen did not blink / flash. Can it be some bug or virus?

    to check your phone put it in sleep mode and keep it on desk / table
  6. vertigo_2_20

    vertigo_2_20 Lurker

    I realize this thread is getting fairly old now, but I wanted to post in case I could help those that were seeking help back then or anyone that is currently dealing with this problem or may be in the future. I found the source of this problem on my Moto Photon 4G to be Screebl beta. I disabled it and the problem went away, reenabled it and it came right back. Tried the normal version (non-beta) and no issues. I'll send an email to the dev letting them know.

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