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Screen doesn

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fabianobonin, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. fabianobonin

    fabianobonin Newbie
    Thread Starter


    My Galaxy doesn

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  2. fabianobonin

    fabianobonin Newbie
    Thread Starter

    For that who have this same problem, i would like to register the cause and the workaround i found:

    The problem happens when your SIM chip automatically changes the dialed number (ex: to merge the operator code in the number for distance calls). In this case, when you make a call, you will receive the message "Number changed by SIM: xxxxx" in the screen. After this, your screen won
  3. shadydude

    shadydude Lurker

    Awesome. Thanks for tracking down this issue. It was driving me nuts. I had to power the phone off and back on after every call sent. Incoming calls were working fine.

    I tried the phone on two carriers and both of them changed the outgoing number to match their preferred long distance carrier.
  4. turkievicz

    turkievicz Member

    I have the same problem and until now, no solution.
  5. Xenon

    Xenon Well-Known Member

  6. turkievicz

    turkievicz Member

    To avoid this problem I put the operator code in all contacts, so another problem starts...The phone doesn't identify the number on the contact list when I am called.

    Sorry by the english...
  7. Exacly the same problem here in Brazil!
    I downloaded the "kill apps" and, after a calling to someone else, I just run the killapps and kill the dialer task!
    Works but this is a "pig" solution! (very dirty solution)
  8. turkievicz

    turkievicz Member

    i am brazilian too. But i bought my phone in italy.
  9. Turkievicz,
    o seu modelo
  10. shadydude

    shadydude Lurker

  11. turkievicz

    turkievicz Member

    My Model is I7500 and I made the upgrade to the version I7500XXIK4. If I disable the SIM utility, I need insert the operator code in all contacts, and this way, my phone doesn't identify the calls. So or I lose the indentification or I will need restart every call.
  12. Just a stupid question: How do I disable the SIM utility that changes the outgoing numbers? I couldn't find in the settings... :(
  13. fabianobonin

    fabianobonin Newbie
    Thread Starter

  14. shadydude

    shadydude Lurker

    There should be an app called SIM toolkit inside the apps drawer, in there you'll find the utility that favors some specific carrier for long distance calls. Just disable that.

    Try storing the complete number without the long distance carrier, e.g. 01199999999 instead of 0211199999999. You should get caller id working properly, but you'd just have to edit numbers before calling someone from other areas.
  15. turkievicz

    turkievicz Member

    I don't find this app, "kill apps" it's the real name of the apps ? Do you have the link ? I made the download of other apps (Advanced task killer free and taskiller) and doesn't work.
  16. Xenon

    Xenon Well-Known Member

    Make sure to also report it here:
    Issues - android - Project Hosting on Google Code

    I found two issues I'm having reported there, unfortunately they still haven't
    been fixed:

    Google Talk client dropping messages:
    Issue 2023 - android - Google Talk doesn't show new messages in chat window - Project Hosting on Google Code

    SMSs being sent twice:
    Issue 2739 - android - Double SMS sendign bug - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Please vote for them to be fixed. The second one is supposedly fixed, but
    unfortunately not in 1.5 based IK4... :mad:
  17. fabianobonin

    fabianobonin Newbie
    Thread Starter

  18. turkievicz

    turkievicz Member

    Happy new year, and I hope that in this year our problem will be solved.
    I already voted.
    And I found the app that could help, I'm using the "Task Manager" by homiaki.
  19. Feliz ano novo, meu camarada!

    I'm already aware about this app and I'm using all the time! :)
    Every dial I have to run this apps and kill the dialer task! It really works, but it's a very dirty and ugly solution!

    About your signature, let me ask you some things!
    1- Where did you buy your phone? In Brazil?
    2- Whats is the model of your phone? i7500 or i7500L? (You can find in the box or the manual)
    3- If you bought this phone in Brazil and it's probably the same model as mine, How do you flash to the newest firmware (IK4)?

  20. turkievicz

    turkievicz Member

    Obrigado, e para voc
  22. turkievicz

    turkievicz Member

    Hi everybody,

    Today I finish my first android application, and it's to "solve" this problem.
    It's working for me, so:

    1 - Do you need made with the SIM doesn't more changes the number, in my case, I access "Toolkit do SIM" on the menu of my phone. In this moment your problem doesn't more occur, but do you need put the operator code every time that you need make a call. If you put the operator code in all numbers, another problem occurs, you loose the identification on a receive call.
    2 - Copy my app to your computer and unzip.
    3 - Install the app
    3.1 - Go to the folder that you save my app
    3.2 - Connect your phone to the computer
    3.3 - Use the "adb install Operadora.apk" to install in your phone
    4 - Open the Operadora in your phone
    5 - Select the checkbox to turn on
    6 - Put the operator code that you want. Only 02 digits.
    7 - Make a call to test. OBS. The call number must be 11 digits.

    There are another app on the android market, but didn't work in my phone and I don't know why. But, this is the link: com.fett.android.Operadora

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  23. fabianobonin

    fabianobonin Newbie
    Thread Starter

  24. Cougar

    Cougar Android Enthusiast

    What happens if you put the phone numbers in international format? Ie, with a plus sign and your country code?

    Here in the UK, all non-local calls start with a zero, and all mobiles are 07-. So a regular mobile phone number might look like 07123 456789. In my phone book, I've got them all listed in international format, so they look like +44 7123 456789. (+44 is the IDD code for the UK.) So I'd guess the example above would look something like "+55 21119999999" perhaps?

    I don't know if this would solve your problem, but the IDD format is something approximating a standard, so it should theoretically work.

    (As to -why- I've got all my numbers in international format, I can't exactly remember. I think there was some problem or other with my first ever handset and phonebooks, a Siemens S25 back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth).

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