Screen Fades to Black


I'm a novice Android user. My daughter already had the Galaxy and thought it would be a good idea for me to get since she could then be my in-house tech support, which she is. The only problem I'm currently experiencing is when I am making a call using speaker, for instance to my bank, when I am asked for a password or bank account number, my screen keeps turning off after I've pressed only 1 or 2 digits. I then have to keep turning the screen back on every other 1 or so digits. The timeout option for my screen is set to 10 minutes, so that's not the problem. But even if it's set to 30 sec., why would it keep turning off after only depressing 1 digit? Samsung, Verizon (nor my daughter) could answer my question.


Android Enthusiast
You may be covering the proximity sensor. It shuts the screen off when you are on the phone so you can't press buttons with your ear by accident.