Help screen goes black


When I make a voice call, the screen goes black / blank and doesnt respond to any input. It sore of re-appears intermitently for a 2nd every now and again but if you miss it the only way to end the call is to power down. Very irritating. Its as if there is a process running that is taking all resources.

Any idea anyone, its freeking me out :mad:

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Near the camera on the front of the phone is a light sensor, when you put the phone near your ear the sensor detects the low level of light and turns the screen off. This only happens during a call, I believe the iphone does the same.

Is the area around the sensor completely clean?


Thanks that sorted out my problem also.

I have a wallet cover and the flap that keeps it together was casting a shadow over the light sensor, i wouldn't have known unless i had read this.