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Screen has purple tint and is grainy

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by truelove79, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. truelove79

    truelove79 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So I just noticed that my display looks like crap compared to my wife's Gnex. On dim settings, the greys are purple, and the screen is rather grainy. My wife's doesn't have this problem at all. Her greys (at any brightness) are grey and the graininess, while still there, is BARELY noticeable. I've noticed our screens are pretty much completely different as far as the contrast ratio too. This is very disappointing considering I was the one all hyped for this phone and she couldn't really care less. :(

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  2. cosmosan

    cosmosan Member

    Swap phones when she's not looking.
  3. cosmosan

    cosmosan Member

    Contrast ratio? Are her blacks blacker? Or whites brighter?
  4. truelove79

    truelove79 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I'm not sure what's going on. It's very hard to explain. It's almost like my phone has a completely different color temperature. My greys are definitely purple though, and hers are not. From doing some reading around the interwebs, it seems this is not an uncommon problem with AMOLED screens. Sometimes they have a purple tint, sometimes yellow, sometimes blue.

    Her screen also looks slightly sharper, probably just due to a slight difference in contrast ratio or something. If I could adjust the settings of the display like you can on a computer monitor, I could probably fix it and make it right, but there are no such settings in Android.

    Either way, I'm going to Verizon today to complain. I expect them to not only deny there is a problem, but do nothing to help me at all.
  5. trav473

    trav473 Android Enthusiast

    Take your wife (at least her phone) with you to show them the difference.
  6. truelove79

    truelove79 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I will try. But they've already made the sale so I don't expect much. I either expect them to not see it at all and dismiss it as me being crazy, or they'll insist it's normal.

    Plus, you have to have it on low brightness in a dark room to really notice it.
  7. ggpike

    ggpike Newbie

    They'll do all of that and then suggest you put Advanced Task Killer on your phone to solve the problem. :rolleyes:

    Seriously though, take both phones in and show them and at least give it a try. Every time I go into a Verizon store I expect to be told there's nothing wrong or whatever issue I'm having isn't enough to get a replacement... but I figure at some point I'll get a different answer.
  8. truelove79

    truelove79 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Ok, I'll give it a try. I found a test image that definitely shows the issue. Maybe you guys can let me know what this image looks like on your phones too.

    Go here to see the test image: Black level - Lagom LCD test

    On my phone at the lowest brightness, all the squares are purple except the last 2 (the 2 on the lower right). On the highest brightness, only the first row is purple, the rest are grey as they should be.
  9. batwings1

    batwings1 Well-Known Member

    Sorry, but I don't have any purple coloring at all when I view the test page.

    Good luck.
  10. truelove79

    truelove79 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Neither does my wife or my coworker. But mine is horribly purple, yuk. :(
  11. truelove79

    truelove79 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Went to the Verizon store. Showed that test image to a very nice lady in the bathroom with the lights off (it was hilariously awkward, but it was the best way to show her the issue), and she saw the purple tint right away. So she gave me a new phone!! Purple tint gone, me happy. :D
  12. Techno Tonis

    Techno Tonis Well-Known Member

    Ugh, why oh why did I check.

    My greys are purplish too, but not the top row on auto brightness, and not the bottom 3 rows on full brightness.

    Slightly different problem, but same idea :(

    I don't know what to do. I really like my phone and everything else has been issue freeeee

    My screen isn't pixelated like yours though
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  13. Techno Tonis

    Techno Tonis Well-Known Member

    I had actually noticed it on my keyboard before, but didn't think much of it.
  14. truelove79

    truelove79 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    If you use that test image and it's easily obvious (my purples were very purple), then you should be able to show it to Verizon and have them give you a new phone. There was no denying mine was purple. Also, even after getting my new one, the color temp and contrast ratio was still SLIGHTLY different from my coworkers. That's the downfall of AMOLED, all the displays are ever so slightly different.
  15. Techno Tonis

    Techno Tonis Well-Known Member

    Putting my phone side by side with my laptop monitor, it's easy to tell.

    It's not bad enough to bother me...or so I think, but it is strange and unfortunate.
  16. truelove79

    truelove79 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The new one I just got actually has a SLIGHT reddish purplish tint to it still. It is VERY slight and not nearly as noticeable as what I had on my old one, and you can't tell unless you are in a completely dark room on the lowest brightness setting. I think with AMOLED (non-plus variety) that's just how they are sometimes. If you would have seen my old one, the purple was very obvious and you'd probably be happy with yours unless yours is as bad as mine was.
  17. Techno Tonis

    Techno Tonis Well-Known Member

    This is probably what I am seeing. Did you put your new one side by side with your wife's?
  18. truelove79

    truelove79 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Not yet, but I did put it next to my coworkers. Mine is slightly reddish, but just barely compared to his. But his is also darker. On the lowest brightness, none of the top row shows up at all for him. I'm satisfied. It's WAY better than it was before with the purple.
  19. Tim K

    Tim K Android Expert

    That is exactly how I would describe mine. The upper rows had a very slight reddish purplish (almost more reddish) tint but not really noticeable.
  20. Clarkie

    Clarkie Newbie

    That's odd. I went to the page on my nexus and all but the last 3 had a slight purple tint. As soon as I zoomed in it disappeared.
  21. Mr. Orange 645

    Mr. Orange 645 Android Enthusiast

    Mine is slightly purplish. Not enough that I would have ever noticed before...so now I hate you for showing me this. LOL.
  22. droblyer

    droblyer Well-Known Member

    Had to exchange my nexus today because of a different problem. The one I got had a purple tint. Took it back and they pulled two new ones out of the pack and they were purple, as well as the two on display. Guess I had the only good one made to start with. I told them if they couldn't find me one that wasn't purple I was returning it. They said they couldn't open any, so I got my money back. Then went to best buy and they opened three all with a different shade of purple, I left with the best one but its still terrible. When viewing a white page (google) with brightness turned down I could see purple streaks running vertical on everyone. Also the space bar in the keyboard looks purple. Im sooo over this, I'll be returning this one tomorrow. As bad as hate to say it Im thinking hard about a 4s. This is the only android Im interested in but I can't live with the poor screen.
  23. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    I don't have any purple...But I have some weird swiggle lines near my bezel area under the screen. Friggin weird, never saw anything like that before. Its under the glass. And it also looks like a slight finger print under my lower left hand corner as well....hmmmm?

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