Aug 13, 2011

I've noticed a few times now that my screen will just turn on at times whilst the phone is locked (showing lock screen).

I've checked for notifications but there has not been any.

Does anyone know why it is just coming on like this? I'd like to stop this behaviour.

I did not notice this when I was on O2 carrier branded KE1 firmware - only since flash updating to stock KG5... it is very annoying.

Can anyone help!??

I wonder if it happens more than is realized?

I'd like to know what causes it... it really bothers me and I do not recall this happening prior to flash-updating to KG5.
Not sure but got a more annoying problem now. :-(

I flashed to XXKH3, then rooted but now none of my contact photos will show up in the messaging app.

Any ideas??


perhaps not!!

any other apps or widgets that might be trying to wake it up?

Yep, I know that once per hour, on the hour, mine actually turns on. It's caused by my clock. Don't know why, but don't really care. The screen is only on for a couple of seconds. It doesn't show up in BBS at all, so it must be pretty minimal :)