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screen keeps going to sleep while on phone call

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by adwmd03, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. adwmd03

    adwmd03 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    has anyone experienced their Inc going to sleep while trying to multitask during a phone call? The screen keeps going between sleep and awake when trying to navigate through menu's during calls. Any ideas would be appreciated. I have already tried a battery pull but that has not seemed to help.

    thanks in advanced!

  2. najaboy

    najaboy Android Enthusiast

    It would seem that your hand may be triggering the proximity sensor as you work, causing your issue. If possible, since we're talking about a relatively small piece of real estate, you may want to keep track of how close your hand is to the sensor when the screen shuts off.
  3. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert

    Yeah, my screen shuts off during calls too. I don't think it's the proximity sensor.

    I can have it in my hand away from my face and it'll shut off.
  4. adwmd03

    adwmd03 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    it seems weird that it would trigger a proximity sensor..Where is that located? I am using a Bluetooth or speaker phone while trying to navigate through the phone...... this causes the phone screen to sleep. each time I try to wake it the phone it it.tries to go right back to sleep. it is a never ending battle between the screen sleeping and not sleeping during a phone calls...? has anyone experienced this....
  5. burningembers

    burningembers Android Enthusiast

    It's up near the top left corner. I really wish there was an option to disable it, it seems terribly unreliable and sometimes if I accidentally blank the screen out it doesn't always come back on immediately.
  6. izzy35

    izzy35 Android Enthusiast

    Yes, I HAVE...u are NOT alone! It's probably one of the things that drives me crazy..I'll pull the phone away, it stays off, then I'll try and press menu or the trackpad to get it back on so I can continue what i was doing while still being on the phone, which makes it go crazy (blinking on and off)...so frustrating
  7. DodgerinNH

    DodgerinNH Well-Known Member

    happened to me too a few days ago, but seems to be working ok now
  8. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    I've seen a few threads on this topic. My display turns off during calls too but always springs back to life when I pull it away from my ear. It would be a HUGE annoyance to have this problem and I haven't heard of anyone finding a fix for it. Seems like it plagues some and not others.
  9. izzy35

    izzy35 Android Enthusiast

    My issue is that it goes off while i'm on the phone.....and I'm on a BLUETOOTH so no sensor should be activating!
  10. Diabl0

    Diabl0 Well-Known Member

    Mine was doing this and annoying the heck out of me. If you want a temporary fix to it (until HTC fixes it with an update or something), try this:

    1. Go to the Market and download Keepscreen.
    2. Once it is installed, open it and click on "Applications"
    3. Select Dialer, Dialer Storage, and DM Command service.
    4. These selections will turn green letting you know that you are good to go.

    That's it. It works very well for me. :)

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