Help Screen Keypad Issues with Backspace and Occasionally the 'L' regions

Hello All,

I have this irritating issue with my Note 2. And the worst part is that, it does not replicate the issue when i want to show it to someone.

When in text or email mode, mostly oriented vertically, the backspace at times refuses to work. Need to keep pressing it, like around 40 times to make it work. At times, pressing the return button and then backspacing works till where the text ends. once it reaches the text, it again refuses to go further back. While this happens, if i take the S-Pen out and tap, it works like a charm. Its just the touch that does not register. Very occasionally, this creeps up to the L key as well.

Have any of you been experiencing similar issues with the Note 2? If so , are there any remedies to this ? Its just getting to be a little irritating and not sure if i need to take this to service! :mad:

Thanks in advance :)