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Screen lights up on its own - even after factory reset.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Ambs24, Mar 18, 2019.

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    I have an LG G4, with Android version 6.
    The screen will light up on its own while it is sitting on the table, untouched and with nothing around it.
    I've tried putting the phone on airplane mode, reading somewhere that the phone was lighting up from spam texts that were trying to get through - that didn't work.
    I always have the wifi, location, bluetooth, auto sync, and data turned off unless I'm using it - the phone will still light up with all of those things off and even if the phone is also in airplane mode.
    I turned off all features to have the screen light up for notifications - I never had that feature on anyways.
    The knock on feature also has kind of stopped working... the double tap rarely will wake it up, but will always turn the screen off.
    I have factory reset my phone twice (for other reasons due to full screen pop up ads that seem to always find their way back), and all apps I have are official and/or recommended. Nothing from a weird source. But even after factory resets, this still happens.
    Perhaps the phone is just getting old and glitching, I'm not sure.
    Any help would be very greatly appreciated!!

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