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Screen mirroring without wifi

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Smarter than wifi, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. Smarter than wifi

    Thread Starter

    Ok my samsung is a trackphone under strsight talk. I live in such a remote area i only get service with this one network, Verizon , and had yo be in a spevific spot or this network looses signal.
    I had Hughesnet over 2 years ago with thier shitty sat. Wifi. Cancelledit, . Closest neighbor has secure wifi, nothing avail to me. Well i used to mirror to my roku way back but all that ceased when lost wifi.
    Well if i slide down top menu an galaxy it pairs with roku, and shows trying to do thatbwith wifi. Then roku message alert says unable to perform. Latest software not available. Then after 5 seconds a continue anyway button shows and hit ok.... from there my galaxy mirrors every screen texts, anything not in as high resolution but descent... i think its,all riding my lte as no wifi anywhere. Now its problematic but minimally and hell its free.
    I mirror 4 , 5 movies a week no problem . Got 65 gig plan... is this common knowledge?????

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