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General Screen not locked - just want to reset password

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by webmonkee, May 28, 2016.

  1. webmonkee

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    May 28, 2016

    May 28, 2016
    I'll try to be detailed so I don't waste anyone's time. After a reboot, I had forgotten my password. So, I used Samsung's "Find my Mobile" to create an unlock PIN. I am now in my device, and my fingerprint scan works fine, so I am able to get into my device as needed. However, the PIN I used from Find my Mobile was apparently a one-time use sort of thing because it does not work as my backup method of unlocking the phone.

    So, I went to settings on my device to try to change the password. Doing so forced me to enter my password, which I don't have. It also locked my phone. So, I used Samsung's Find my Mobile again and was back in my phone.

    Thinking myself clever, I searched the interwebs. However, everything I could find about resetting the password is based upon being locked out of your device, which is not the case here. I thought I found something promising, so I went to android device manager and set a password using that tool. I thought that would reset my password on my device. However, that password does not unlock my phone or allow me to change the password. It appears to not do anything. I have no idea what it's for.

    I also keep reading that I should get an "Unlock with google password" button if my password fails several times, but all that happens is I am forced to wait longer and longer before attempting again. Same deal with resetting the password from the device's settings. When I attempt to do that, it makes me wait longer and longer after each incorrect entry before I can attempt a new entry. I am now up to having to wait an hour before I even attempt to enter the old password. which, as stated, I don't remember anyway.

    SO, what I want to do is reset the device password. Reset the password that lets me into my phone when the fingerprint sensor does not work. I don't want a one-time method into my phone. I want to permanently change the password on it. Can someone please tell me, in a detailed manner, how I can do this? At this point, I'm willing to master reset the device if that is the only option, but I sure hope there is another way.

    Thank you very much for reading all of this and for sharing your expertise in solving.


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