Help Screen not staying on.


So I am posting this to see what resolutions other people have come too. But recently just in the past couple of days my Droid has been having issues with the time setting for Screen Timeout. I set it to 15, 30, Never etc and it stays like that but shortly after that it changes to being around 5 seconds before the screen times out. I then go back into my settings and sure enough there is nothing chosen for screen timeout and I have to reset to what I want.

Right now I am testing out, and it seems to be working, I had the "advanced task killer" app but have uninstalled it and turned my Droid on and off. That has so far worked but it has only been an hour or so since doing that.

Has anyone else had this issues and resolved it somehow?


This happened to me yesterday as well. I've restarted it a couple of times since then and now it seems to be locked onto my preferred setting.