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I was playing the game subway surfers and then the screen suddenly started not working being i could do anything because i tried to move to the side by swiping but it wouldn't the game was still continuing . My phone is a HUAWEI M886, HW Version HC1C886M from Cricket


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That's the touch screen, not the phone screen, that's not working. Turn the phone off. Remove the battery. Hold the power button down for a few minutes. Replace the battery and turn the phone on.

No? A cable could have popped loose. (Do not try this at home - pay someone to open the phone, check and, if something is loose, reconnect it.)

Or the screen could have gone bad. Again, if so, pay someone to replace it.

(We've seen many "Oh, I can do a simple thing like that" turn into "how would this phone look as a planter" posts here.)