Screen popped off help!



Okay so i dropped my phone because i didn't have a good grip on it and my phone came apart! The back came off, the battery fell out (those i can just put back ), but also the screen popped off! I tried just sticking it back on but it wont work. It turns on but i cant do anything. Oh and my phones a touch screen so i cant open it or anything since you have to slide your finger across it for it to open. Please help! Is it just broken beyond repair now and i have to get a new phone or is there a chance i can fix it? (preferably by myself)
I appreciate any help i can get and thank you all in advance.


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Uh oh, you dropped your phone? :(

There are many local phone repair facilities most everywhere. Try to search for a local cell phone repair business... hopefully they won't charge much to re-assemble the phone.

You can also check Youtube videos. Search for your specific device and "assembly". I hope this helps and good luck.

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