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Hello :D. About a month ago, I noticed that the bottom left and right corners of my Eris had lighting problems. The bottom left and right of the screen are way brighter than the rest of the screen, and in most backgrounds it it VERY obvious. It's right by the Home and Search buttons. The screen is really bright in these areas when no other part of the screen is that bright. On min brightness, it's hard to see but on anything higher than about 1/8 brightness, it's pretty obvious and really annoying. Is there anything I can do to fix the display, or is my only choice a replacement? Btw, if you get a replacement for something like this, do you have to pay?


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Unless it's obvious to the verizon rep that you're phone took a big fall... or something like that...
Then this falls into a warranty defect.
They will most likely give you a new phone and no charge.
You are still under the one year warranty


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My phone is kept in a case at ALL times and has never taken a fall from even an inch. Hell, I'd keep it on a microfiber cloth when I didn't have the case on.