Justin Raney

Mar 8, 2021
im looking for one of the one side sticky tempered glass screen protectors not the thin film type.

Supershieldz is a common brand are they the exact size of the phone screen protector and not smaller. Im looking for one that is exact fit for a motorola g power 2021.

I believe this one i had photos is the .5-1mm or so thick 9H tempered glass screen protectors can anyone confirm.

It feels real sturdy and durable i watched a video a guy installing a supershieldz not sure if same as this kind and it fit perfect.

Can anyone confirm which screen protectors work the best and wont allow the phone to shatter when dropped or shatter the phone installing/removing?

Take a look at the photos and tell me what you think that specific screen protector brand is. Im looking for one for my g power 2021.


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Can anyone identify the specific brand supershieldz? Appears to be the full size screen protector sticky on one side.