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Screen protector? THAT'S IT...I'M DOIN IT!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rominucka, May 25, 2011.

  1. Rominucka

    Rominucka Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I've decided to remove my screen protector...actually I already have, but I'm not putting the other one I have on it. It looks too good.
    Now all I need is a little, fruity clothe pouch so I don't scratch it up for good.

    The screen protector scratches and smudges so easily and my phone looks like it's homeless. Without it, it looks like a stealthy ninja.

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  2. BlueMuscles

    BlueMuscles Android Enthusiast

    You mean the one that came with the phone ?

    Shoo I removed that the second day...I like looking at nice things and that
    cheap plastic cover was making it look all dull.

    I have armor ghost shield but haven't had time to put it on.
  3. $hortDogg916

    $hortDogg916 Newbie

    Let me start by saying that I am a religious remover of all factory protective plastics. As usual while starting the car after my purchase I removed all of them. Well I thought about it and when you spend $430 on a phone and do nothing to protect it, that is not very smart. So I broke down and got the METRO PCS Casing and screen protector kit for $18.99. Let me tell you! I went to the junkyard, got under a car to pull a part and unknowingly was rolling around on my phone for 15 minutes. Not a big deal right. Well the ground was jagged gravel that was stabbing every part of my body the whole time and apparently my phone to because I got up, looked down and saw my phone. FACE DOWN AND GROUND in the gravel. Do know that I KNEW that it had to have scratched or more than likely cracked the screen. NOPE. Not a scratch. I wish I had taken a picture because the way the protector was messed up. it had punture and scratches on 99% of the surface. Point is, if put on correctly and cleaned thoroughly before installation, they are almost unnoticeable.
  4. Rominucka

    Rominucka Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Why would you roll in the rocks knowing your phone is in your pocket? You're just looking for the pain.

    Now you got me nervous. The protector I had was from the Metro kit, but it smudges and scratches too easily. It was on perfectly, but over time it became cloudy and dull looking.
    Are there better ones out there? Is this Armor Shield thing the way to go?

    Does NASA make anything like a spray maybe?
  5. tiede

    tiede Android Expert

    Check Ghost Armor. I believe they are the shizz atm...
    A pain to install - well, slightly more pain than usual -, but should be worth it...

    From description page: Our Indulge wraps provide the same extreme protection that the military helicopter blades, fighter jets' wingtips and the space shuttle's wingtips receive.

    Should satisfy your NASA standards needs, LOL!
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  6. Yetskii

    Yetskii Newbie

    This is what i got, had to get the universal one and cut to fit tho
  7. Rominucka

    Rominucka Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Wow this does meet my class-a military/NASA standards and the price is great.
    My one problem is that I'm leaving IndulgeVille soon and moving to Droid Charge City.
    I'm just gonna have to baby my baby even more than I've babied her in the past.
    It really does look so much better w/o the protector. It's like I have a brand new phone.

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