Help Screen question from new N4 owner


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Soo... I just got my N4 and have a question about the screen. Not sure if this really bothers me or is just a fact of the type of screen.

When the N4 is off, I can seen a faint grid on the screen -- almost like the frame in a window. I tried to take a picture of it, but it didn't come. Sort of light grey, very regular horizontal and vertical lines which make a grid of dark black squares.

When on and at full brightness, it looks great. Hardly visible if on, but the screen set to the lowest setting.

Sound like a screen issue.. or just a fact of the screen technology?


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yep. I've had two n4's - one ordered back in november and a new white one I just got after my phone decided to jump in the pool. both have this. I believe it's the touch sensor. if you take your phone out in direct sunlight with the screen off and twist it around you can actually see it shimmer.

none of my other phones have had this, so I assume this was one of the comprimases made to keep costs down

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I know the N4 was one of the first phones to have the touch sensors built directly into the screen instead of having it layered. The point of this was to reduce the thickness of the phone. I always assumed it was the touch sensors I was seeing.


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Thanks for the replies! Everything seems to work fine (knock on wood) and if other folks have it, I suppose I'll just set about forgetting it's there.



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As I say, weird. I can not see what you folks are talking about on my N4 in any kind of light no matter how I look at it. Must require greater acuity than I have, I guess. ;)


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if you angle your screen so its just off from reflecting a direct light source, then you should be able to see it. I believe it to be the sensor also (someone else has posted a more concise answer in this forum, with pictures explaining also)