Help screen randomly moving when me


i just bought xperia x10 mini pro. when i charge my phone, it looks like the screen and keyboard are being randomly use. when i turn it off, it will turn on itself when i charging the phone.

when i lock it, it will randomly moving until it succeed unlock and start using apps, messages, mp3 player, phonebook, and other apps. hard for me to charge my phone.

anyone that has been through this problem please help me..
sorry for my bad english


hey i had the same problem with my phone and it could be a software problem, i took it to a phone repair shop n they said it was a software problem.
this is what happened to me when i put my phone on charge it began unlokking itself and it seemed to have a mind of its own! a few mmonths later the whole phone completely stopped charging i tried 7 diff chargers but that didnt work. my advice to you is take it to a phone repair shop or send it back to where you got it from, and iff they dont want it back write them a letter saying how disapointed you are with this product and you will never buy from their company again.

good luck