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Screen Rotation in the Sketch App in the Sony XPeria Z Ultra

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by darkmav, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. darkmav

    darkmav Member
    Thread Starter


    I was going to buy the Sony XPeria Z Ultra from a store last night when the salesman gave me a demo and I noticed a midly unnerving feature of the Sketch app in the device.

    Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 where the S Note screen rotates upon rotation of the screen and lets me take notes in both portrait and landscape modes, the Sketch app in the Sony XPeria Z Ultra doesn't seem to let me do that.

    Is this a software glitch which could be fixed by an update, or is it a hardware limitation?

    Thanks in advance!

    PS -- I couldn't find a sub-forum here for the Xperia Z Ultra. But to be sure, I am referring to the C6802 model.

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  2. BecomingDeath

    BecomingDeath Newbie

    Was auto-rotation turned off?
  3. darkmav

    darkmav Member
    Thread Starter

    No it wasn't (I checked twice). Screen rotation was working fine in the home screen, apps page, etc. But the Sony Sketch app didn't seem to have screen rotation.

    I had a bad experience calling Sony India Tech support on phone. I was on phone with them for an hour on Saturday to find out if the Indian version has 4G LTE support. They claimed that the particular model in India is the C6802 and it does have 4G support. When I pointed out that the Sony Whitepaper explicitly lists 5 models of which C6802 does not have LTE support, they said the Whitepaper may be wrong. As an electronics engineer, when I expressed my annoyance and told them that was a very serious allegation to make about their own company, they quickly corrected themselves and said C6833 is the model I will get in India (which does have LTE support according to the whitepaper).

    So I walked into the store only to be dismayed to find a C6802. Somehow my father and I agreed that 4G isn't a major requirement for us right now. And we were all set to buy the device when the Sketch application seemed to have this very rigid affection for the portrait mode, in spite of screen rotation.

    I doubt if calling Sony India will help. From my experience with the Galaxy Note 800 (10.1) I personally believe this is a software glitch that could be fixed in a future update from Sony. But since I'm buying it for my dad (who is a stickler for such things, being a more experienced electronics engineer and all round techie :D) I want to be absolutely sure.

    I don't have the phone so I've asked the guy at the shop to play with it a bit and see if he can get hold of some third-party app for sketching and drawing.

    But I'd really appreciate some insights here. I'm leaving in 2 days and I'd hate to have to do that without getting my father a good tablet with stylus support.
  4. BecomingDeath

    BecomingDeath Newbie

    I honestly don't know what to tell you. It may not be a glitch and they may have just created the app to be rotation locked. The only other thing I could think of is if auto rotate was enabled on the phone, that maybe the option is also in the sketch app and it's overriding the phone one.
  5. darkmav

    darkmav Member
    Thread Starter

    Are there other sketching apps you can think of which could overcome this limitation?
  6. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    The Ultra won't be in stores here in the UK until next month so I haven't even seen a demo unit yet. :(
  7. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Android Expert

    This one does appear to be a bit odd. However if you rotate the phone before you enter the app is does launch in landscape mode. The menu on screen when actually sketching does run down the left hand side with the "Sketch" word on its side, but this does make it easier to access whilst in use due to the size of the phone. It also appears that if you launch the app, start a sketch and rotate the phone it will remain in this mode if you back into the apps menu.

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