Help screen shot tip wanted


I heard that most tablets have odd things you can do to take a screen shot. I'd really like this - pocket messes up format and my dads got a screen shot button on his tablet (jealous of that, but love my Acer!)
I looked this up, and found that Acer screen shot is achieved with the power button and volume. I've tried and tried with no luck.

Has anyone else found this?

I'm also curious if there are odd little things that my tablet does that I don't know about, is there a list somewhere- if you don't know what your looking for, its hard to word the search!


Depends on what Android version you've got, and possibly who's the manufacturer of the device.

On my Samsung phone with Jellybean it's power and home buttons at the same time. But on my Chinese phone with ICS(KIRF Galaxy Note), it's volume-down and and power to take screen-shots.

What device have you got, and what version of Android is installed? If you got an off-brand device where there's little or no information, and there's nothing in the instructions. It's probably just worth holding down various combinations of buttons for a couple of seconds and see what happens. If you hear a camera shutter sound, then you've found the right combination. Also there's plenty of screen-shot apps on Play, if the device can't take screen-shots itself.


Android Expert
Considering it's posted in the Acer A500 forum, I'll assume that's the device in question. As long as your device is up to date, if you hold the power button and the end of the volume rocker near the power button for ~1 second it should take a screenshot. You have to get it just right or the tablet will ask if you want to shut down, or will change the volume.

You MUST have 4.0.3 in order for this to work.