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Screen Size not 4.3??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dmac333, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Dmac333

    Dmac333 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I too cant wait for this phone, But unless I am guessing totally wrong here, based on the unlockr pic of the Passion there is no way that screen is 4.3 inches. Look at it compared to the touch hd2, on the touch the screen takes up the whole phone except for a thin rim on the top for the speaker and a few buttons on the bottom. If that is a pic of the Passion it would be at least .25 inches longer than the touch hd2 (unlikely, the touch is huge already) because of that track pad looking thing under the standard four vzw android buttons, or the screen is .25 inches smaller than the touch hd2!! I would love for it to be 4.3 inches, but I am thinking about 4. Not that 4 inches would be a bad thing, just maybe not the same screen that is on the touch hd2 :thinking:

    Any thoughts?

    touch hd2

    Now that I look a little closer, MAYBE it is 4.3, what do ya think?

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  2. johnclayton

    johnclayton Lurker

    I've been thinking the same thing...the phone in the pic doesn't look proportionally the same as the HD2. If the screens were the same size then the phone pictured would be enormous!

    I'm really hoping that the passion isn't 4.3" and is actually something more pocket-able. I don't mind waiting to see what is released, but if it's huge I'll probably grab an Eris.
  3. Dmac333

    Dmac333 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I hear ya, but if its huge, grab a Tablet, not an Eris. Just wont have Snapdragon?? But if it does, 8mp, and reasonable size, may be a good alternative to the Passion. But I so want Sense UI!!

    Droid Tablet :D
    Motorola Sholes Tablet gets pictured Boy Genius Report
  4. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    It's likely that the Passion will receive a screen size much like the DROID, which might allow it to clock at the full 1GHz without detriment to the battery, unlike the Acer Liquid, under-clocked at 768MHz @ 4.3" screen.
  5. Dmac333

    Dmac333 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I like the way you think. I have the Droid now and am happy with the size of the screen. Sure the touch hd2 screen would be sweet, but I dont want my phone too big. Once I have it in my pocket for a few days I will be able to see if it will be too big.
  6. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    Correction, the Acer has a 3.5", 800x480 screen; Sony has the 4.3". The HD2 is a big phone where the DROID fits comfortably on the SCREEN portion of the HD2, not counting the borders and buttons that extend beyond the size of the DROID. It'll definitely be big, but might help those who have a problem seeing all those pixels on the 3.7" screen. Less pixels on a bigger screen usually ends up hurting resolution, but I'll reserve judgment until I see the HD2.
  7. rdalcanto

    rdalcanto Android Enthusiast

    I'm suprised by how many people carry their phones in their pockets. I have my wallet in one, and keys in the other. Phone goes on the belt. I would love a 4.3 inch screen for web page viewing! I'll take it big!
  8. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Android Enthusiast

    Wallet in one pocket, keys in the other.
    My phone NEVER goes in my pocket.
  9. Dmac333

    Dmac333 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I put it on the belt while at work with slacks, but when going around town and out for the evening with jeans I never use a belt clip. Jeans and a clip are pretty lame IMHO. Dont get me wrong, I would rather have the 4.3 inch. But the size of the touch hd2 is my max for sure.
  10. shawn487

    shawn487 Android Enthusiast

    i think it is going to have the nice pocket size of 27" lol i really dont care if it has a 4.3" screen or a 3.7" screen. the 4.3" screen would be super nice for web browsing but the 3.7" would def fit better in the pocket what ever it has i will be happy as long as it has sence and a decent processer so it doesnt lag as bad.
  11. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    The screen on the Passion is 3.8" like the HTC Touch HD.
  12. lerch629

    lerch629 Newbie

    no offense...but says who?
  13. SoCalMiles

    SoCalMiles Well-Known Member

    +1 any source for that?
  14. rdalcanto

    rdalcanto Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, not the sexiest look, especially if your young and single.... But as a 40 yr old, happily married surgeon, that has to carry a pager 24hrs a day, 365 days/year, I don't really care about having another thing on my belt, even if I'm in jeans or shorts....
  15. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Android Enthusiast

    Not to mention, I don't care what people think about how I carry my cellular device. Life is too short. If they don't like it, too bad. What I do, makes ME happy.
    There IS more than one way to wear a phone holster belt clip with jeans.

    I'm only concerned about transporting my device safely & efficiently.
  16. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    Simple geometric analysis of the leaked picture. Yeah, I don't know the width, but it's not like cell phones vary 2-4" in width. If that screen is 4.3" like the HD2, that phone will be even wider than the HD2 which really goes beyond practical width and makes the phone too big. It's not a 4.3" display.
  17. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    *ahem* :eek:
  18. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    Uh, belt clips are lame no matter what pants you're wearing. Nothing says nerd or "I work in I.T." like a phone on a belt clip. And if that's offensive to anyone in I.T., trust me, it's lame. Take the phone off the clip and slowly put the belt clip in a desk drawer and leave it.
  19. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    Hey doc, pager on the belt is fine because you're a doc. But if you Best Buy all around your waist, you're starting to look like Bat-nerd and his utility belt. I have plenty of doc friends who wear their pager, but keep their iPhone in a nice leather sleeve, which is either hand-held or goes in the pocket.
  20. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    First, let me say that the reason for the delay with OS2.0 and Sense is because they're not happy together. But with the leaked pics of Sense on OS2.1, looks like it's a go.

    Second, this phone will likely have Sense with the Snapdragon IF AND ONLY IF this is an HTC phone "with Google." Read my other posts about how powerful the Snap/Imageon processor is. It's decent, but won't be blowing out the doors of any OMAP3/SGX units.

    Third, related to #2, if this HTC phone is INDEED the gPhone (i.e. Google Phone, touting the full "Google experience") then it will likely NOT be running Sense UI and likely not even be running Eclair (some say Flan, or something beyond). It will be THE quintessential Google phone with no overlays or HTC widget skin.
  21. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    Wrong. In a work environment, belt clips are fine. If you're grabbing your blackberry 5 dozen times a day to check on schedules or emails, nothing says TOOL like some dip fumbling to dig deep in his pocket every 5 minutes or having to stiffen like a board to pull it out of his pocket at a conference room table. You might as well be playing with yourself. I agree with this when you're not at work. Jeans, khackis, shorts...keep it in your pocket.
  22. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    Hey kyler, do what pleases you. I'm just telling you what the reality is. A phone on a belt clip NEVER looks good. It always looks lame. But who cares? People continue to do it. Just know that unless you're talking to other belt-toting phone jockeys, that's what people are thinking. No one wants to look like Batman with a utility belt. Put the phone in the pocket. When you get to the conference table, take it out of the pocket and put it on the conference table. As a matter of fact, unless you're in a profession that requires your immediate attention for emergencies, keep the phone in the pocket. Nothing says douche more than a phone on the belt than the Blackberry glance. We all know what the BB glance looks like.
  23. FunkyBoss

    FunkyBoss Well-Known Member

    sooper, is that a phone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us? :D
  24. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    Uh... both?!? :eek: What? I love you guys!
  25. The first time I saw a guy at work, I had two immediate thoughts, "He's hot." quickly followed by, "He's I.T." But it wasn't his phone on his belt that tipped me off. Just a general appearance that IT guys have; they can't help it, so they might as well keep their phone easily accessible. Doesn't bother me none. I like nerds. :p

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