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Screen timeout changes after plugin

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bjoernbertelsen, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. bjoernbertelsen

    Thread Starter


    I have the DHD - Froyo with Sense.

    My normal screen timeout is 1 minute. But after I have charged my phone, eg. overnight, it has changed to approx 5-7 seconds. Quite annoying when I'm trying to read the news in the morning, and have to keep scrolling back and forth to prevent the screen from turning off.

    When going to settings, it still looks like the timeout is set to 1 minute, and after reconfirming the 1 minute, it will change back to this.

    I've installed a widget so I can change Screen timeouts via the widget, so I don't have to go into settings to toggle the timeout setting everytime I unplug the phone from charging, but it is still very much annoying.

    Is this a general DHD problem, or maybe Froyo problem, or is it just my phone acting weird?

    Nothing else is wrong with the phone.

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  2. st230

    st230 Member

    I've had the same problem but solved it using Tasker.

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