Help Screen turned purple then black

Hey, all! I just got my Maxx Hd a few months ago, and I've dropped it plenty of times within that time. Once, I dropped it and then accidentally kicked it into a brick wall. The thing came out without a scratch. But last night, I dropped it on the tile floor and the touch screen was no longer responsive. I tried a factory reset, and that did not help. I let the phone rest while I did something that night and when I came back, it was splotched purple. Toward the end of the night, the whole phone was purple tinged. This morning, I woke up to a completely black screen except for a weird indigo splotch in the center. Has anyone every experienced this? What's going on?


Android Expert
Sounds to me like you've finally killed it. Or the screen at least. :(

I think you're going to have to send the phone for repair. I'm guessing the repair won't be covered by your warranty, either.


Screen replacement takes about 7 minutes on these phones. Although the part (lcd/digitizer assembly) will cost you about $250.