Nov 15, 2010

I am having an intermittent problem (worst kind I know) where when I press the power button to turn the screen off, it will flick off for a fraction of a second and then turn back on at the lock screen.

It is very strange, it only happens a few times a day, but pretty annoying.

Anyone else encountering this?
I think I know why this might be happening now, it still doesn't happen very often so it's very difficult to pin point why it does it but... when I switched it off yesterday I immediately held the phone at the bottom with my fingers on the bottom buttons and the screen then came back on.

I tried to repeat the same scenario and I got it to do it once and I noticed that the bottom buttons were still illuminated after switching the screen off, however, a few more tries after that and I couldn't make it do it so, I'm thinking that it only happens under certain circumstances and the buttons are staying illuminated longer than they should sometimes. Maybe after using a certain app/widget and then turning the screen off it causes this, I don't know.