Nov 13, 2015
I set my "screen unlock" to PIN, but changed my mind; I'd like to unlock with a swipe.
I don't see how I can change it - settings / security / screen lock - if I go in there, it asks to confirm the PIN, but does not give the option of changing to swipe instead of PIN.
Am I stuck with it?
No solution so far.
Perhaps this question should be in a more general forum, not specific for the Moto E model?
So can I (or, more likely the admin) move this post to a general Android forum?
Or should I simply copy and paste into a new post?
It is probably device specific. I don't have the Moto E.

On the Droid Turbo 2 ...
Go to Settings/Security/Screen lock
When prompted for PIN ... provide it
On the displayed Choose screen lock screen select Swipe
On the displayed Remove device protection dialog respond Yes, Remove

... Thom
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After providing the PIN, on the display all except PIN and Password are greyed out.
Slide (meaning swipe, I presume) also.
The comment is "Disabled by administration, encryption policy or credential storage".
I'm going to guess you either use a vpn or have something that requires device administrator access (And subsequently a password)
None of the above, as far as I know.
I have some terminal thingy installed, but the phone is not even rooted.
I am very new to smartphone, mind you - who knows what I did without knowing..? So all routes are open I suppose.
Here's the screenshot.


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After some searching I found the same subject on an android forum, and its's clear that it takes a factory reset to disable the encryption. But... someone there mentioned a guest account he has on the phone, so handing it to a trusted friend is possible.
I didn't know phones could have multiple accounts like a pc - perhaps I will look into that option :)
It would feel safe still having the encryption in case of loss, and feel more userfriendly using the swipe on the guest account (which I would of course use, too ;-))
An alternative is to not encrypt the phone and install one of these ...

Android Device Manager – free – remotely track your phone if lost or stolen – remote Factory Data Reset
Android Device Manager (Android) – enable capability on device
Android Device Manager (Website) – control device from website

Cerberus – paid – remotely track your phone if lost or stolen – remote Factory Data Reset – remote take picture
Cerberus (Android) – enable capability on device
Cerberus (Website) – control device from website

If it is stolen go to a PC and send a command to do a Factory Data Reset.

(I use Cerberus.)

... Thom