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Screen won't rotate???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MysticalRide, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. MysticalRide

    MysticalRide Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just stopped rotating - no idea why?
    *Yes - the Auto-Rotate box is checked on the settings page

    I know it doesn't sound like a big issue - but I have Big Thumbs and can't type for $hit when the screen and keyboard are stuck in the skinny up/down position all the time :(

    Any suggestions on how to fix this ... any settings or changes or ???

    Appreciate the Help!

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  2. lvt

    lvt Android Expert

    Did you restart your phone to see if it works again ?
  3. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Android Expert

    Great first step to try. A hard restart would be good too - hold power button for 5 seconds until pop up warns you to hold it for 10 more seconds, continue holding power button in until reboot.

    A G-Sensor calibration would be in order too.
    Settings -> Display & Gestures -> G-Sensor Calibrate
    (Hard restart process and sensor calibration menu path may have changed in up to date software)
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  4. solehuddin

    solehuddin Newbie

    I had this $hit too.Calibration stop working and stuck.You need to restart the device and the calibration working again.This can be occur when you drop the device or else and using the custom ROM.I make the calibration stop working by make CPU temperature up to 100°C (Which can blow up the chip).
  5. MysticalRide

    MysticalRide Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Appreciate the reply ....
    I did drop the phone a few days ago but it does have a shock resistant case.
    Yes I have done Both the hard reset and the G-Sensor Calibrate ... still no flip :(

    I did notice when I went into the the G-Sensor Calibrate screen ONLY the lower dot moved around (before and after clicking re-calibrate) Obviously the top (left to right) sensor is the one in question ... wonder if there is a way to get that back on line????
  6. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Android Expert

    Hmmmmm, a drop...not looking good

    You could give Safe Mode a try. Safe Mode will run your phone with all 3rd party applications disabled, on a more clean configuration.

    Power the phone down and wait for it to be fully turned off for a minute or two
    Power the phone back on
    When you see the HTC Boot screen immediately press and hold down the 'volume down' hardware key on the right side of the phone. Hold it until the phone completes start up, and you see the words "Safe Mode" displayed in the lower left corner of your lock/home screen.

    Then go into your phone dialer, like you are calling someone, and instead Dial *#*#3424#*#* (3424=DIAG) to access HTC's Diagnostic Test application (HTC Function Test v.50.70.05g).
    Press 'Accept' when prompted. Within this menu select 'G-Sensor Test', press the Run button. You should see X, Y, Z values reading out as you move the phone around in 3-D space. Once you lay the phone down on a flat planar surface the test should pass.

    To get out of Safe Mode simply power off and power on your phone as normal.

    (Safe mode process and Function test may have changed in newer up to date software versions)

    If you are not getting full function with Safe Mode on, about your last ditch effort will be a back up and Factory Data Reset. :(
    The Factory Data Reset MAY bring back full G-Sensor function, but the chances of that are very bleak.
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  7. MysticalRide

    MysticalRide Newbie
    Thread Starter

    OK - so I tried the HTC's Diagnostic Test application and ran through most all of the tests, didn't seem to fix anything

    Over the weekend, went to an AT&T store that has an actual fix it staff/dept on duty - they went through the phone and found a couple of things. I had a Clean Sweep App on there that they have been seeing causing "issues" with phones and we deleted it. Also Looked at the HTC Boost app and changed some of its settings / accessibility. Then they plugged in their diagnosing tablet, ran some tests and it did say there was an issue with my Gyro - Sensor :( Funny thing though - after we unplugged it, the screen would flip (60% of the time) lol

    I have AT&T's protection plan ... but not explained to me when purchased, there is a "deductible" It would be $125 to send me another phone Grrr! So the 15 months of paying for the "protection" wasn't enough Arrgh DAMN that Psss me Off!
    I would like the HTC 10 - but AT&T doesn't sell them - so I would have to find an unlocked one and figure out how to get it to work with AT&T's services....
  8. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Android Expert

    A diagnostic application is not for fixing anything, it is a process to diagnose an issue and simply verify if there is truly a hardware malfunction.

    Did you make sure to run in Safe Mode? Safe Mode should stop 'Clean Sweep' (can't find in the Play Store) and any other offending application from even running at all. You ought to do yourself a favor and uninstall any RAM Cleaner applications you have installed as they tend to do more harm than good.
    Is Boost+ installed from the Play Store or is that baked into the software (I'm on old un-updated M9 software). Boost+ or any other battery saving application could limit screen rotation as a part of some battery saving measure. If Boost+ is from Play then it should be disabled in Safe Mode as well.
    Did you end up trying a Factory Data Reset?

    Cool, a diagnostic tablet. I wonder how it works and what it is running?
    I haven't been to a phone store lately for help, so that's a new and intriguing process to me.

    If you could get the screen to flip into Landscape, and then get it locked in like that, you could just have all applications and keyboards permanently default to landscape for you. (homescreens and certain applications and menus may not go landscape and are stuck portrait)

    You could get an unlocked 10, potentially for cheap since it has been out for a while.
    How long you can wait it out or how much you are willing to spend? There will be new devices around the corner, in the New Year or Spring.

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