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Screen won't stay on during calls?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dcorn, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. dcorn

    dcorn Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    My gf has had her Lucid since release day and loves it, but has been having one major issue. The screen on her phone won't stay on when she's on a call. Like when on a conference call and she needs to type in a passcode, she can't get the screen to stay on to type in the numbers. If you hit the power button, it comes on briefly for maybe a second and then goes black again. I haven't yet found a setting to change this, any ideas?

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  2. dcorn

    dcorn Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    May have found a solution. Under settings/call settings, there is an option where you can automatically display the dialpad during a call. There are a few choice like only VM calls, but I selected 'dialpad on during every call'. Tried it out last night and the screen stayed on and I was able to dial a bunch of numbers. Seemed to solve the problem, fingers crossed.
  3. lgavette

    lgavette Lurker

    My screen shuts off right when my out going calls are answered and when I take incoming calls. If I have to type in an extension I am skrewed! I have had the show dialpad checked on all calls and it doesn't seem to make a difference! Help!
  4. michelle22

    michelle22 Lurker

    I have had this phone for two days and love it expect for the BLACKOUT screen. I have set the dial pad on and that does not stay on long enough to do anything. Cant even end calls, change to speaker, or anything with a black screen. HELP
  5. dcorn

    dcorn Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Sorry that my fix didn't work for everyone. It's still a bit dodgy on my gf's phone. She sometimes can't get it to work and can't end calls. When I try, it works fine. Maybe put it up to your face to see if you can get the proximity sensor to turn the screen off then on again enough to type something in.

    I read about a different phone experiencing these issues that was the result of a faulty proximity sensor. Might be the case on some of the Lucid's, or maybe its just a software glitch.
  6. Ptitcha

    Ptitcha Lurker


    i have not found "dialpad on during every call' setting, there was only Settings->Call settings->Show dialpad->All calls;
    however, i tech suggested to check the Settings->Display->Brightness unselect Automatic and set the bar level to the max or near. I think b/c the sensor that is located near the front camera is reacting to the light, in the darker room doesn't respond to well. So far, my issue with the dark screen on a call-in, call-out is fixed. However, the promptness of the display screen to come back is a bit slower than the other phones. Verizon rep confirmed it.
    Good luck to all of us! :)
  7. Brad117

    Brad117 Lurker

    I'm experiencing the same problem with my phone.
  8. leftee939

    leftee939 Lurker

    My phone had the screen problem almost right away. I was about to return it but decided to try out the usb tethering first.

    you have to download the USB driver and LG mobile support tool to get usb tethering to work. During the install, the phone checks for a software update and updates the lucid automatically.

    I have not had an issue with the screen going dark during calls since that update.

    I joined the forum just to post this solution, so I cannot post links yet, but if you search for LG VS840 USB modem driver on google, you should find the right page.

    hopefully a few other users can try this and see if it works for them too


    June 1 2012 update:

    Unfortunately, I just received a call where I had to use the keypad to confirm an appointment, and it would not light back up after taking the phone from my ear. I really like the phone, but its going back today or tomorrow.
  9. reallyWTF

    reallyWTF Lurker

    This might sound a little crazy, but try cleaning the proximity sensor on the front of the phone. It is located to the left of the front camera. If you have a screen protector, you should see a cut out circle to the left of the camera. I was having the same problem all day today, and went up to the store to talk to someone about the problem. After a few minutes of playing with the phone we cleaned that particular spot made a call and bam the screen stayed on. We made a few more calls and noticed that you can touch that spot with you finger and the screen will go black. So it appears that if that spot gets dirty it thinks its touching you face all the time. I have not had a chance to test this theory for long but so far so good. Give it a shot and let me know what happens.
  10. windscape

    windscape Newbie


    Thanks for the tip! That seems to pan out for me as I just tried it and entering numbers during calls works fine now. I didn't realize that was where the sensor was. Now that I know where it is, I just have to remember to not block it with my hand when entering numbers on the dial pad.

    Thank you so much!
  11. reallyWTF

    reallyWTF Lurker

    Glad it work for ya I haven't had a problem since I found out were the sensor was located. That thing is so sensitive I can actually hold my finger tip an inch or two away and the screen goes dark. I'm just glad that it appears to be an easy fix.
  12. Brad117

    Brad117 Lurker

    I'm not experiencing the problem anymore, but I can't remember exactly what I did to fix it. I think it was what dcorn recommended.
  13. leftee939

    leftee939 Lurker

    Hey "reallyWTF". I knew about the sensor, but forgot there was a screen protector. Removed it and I think that did it. Thanks!!!!!
  14. tocayo750

    tocayo750 Lurker

    My phone did this too and I returned it to Verizon. Now, my new phone does it as well, but I can turn the screen back on by pushing the power button on the right side. I believe the issue has something to to with power saver feature.
  15. GeorgeGH

    GeorgeGH Lurker

    Thanks to ReallyWTF, as i had the same problem with the phone screen going blank on dialing a number and not being able to ring off. The only cure was removing the battery or holding down the start button until the phone restarted. The problem was caused by the screen protector not being correctly punched out at the proximity location. Removed the screen protector and pushed out the plastic that should have come away after punching and then reapplied the screen protector. The phone now functions correctly and the screen does not go blank while the number is being dialed.
    Many thanks for the pointer to what might be the cause as I was getting prepared to contact the phone supplier and ask for assistance.


    dial *#36#, Go to ProximitySensor Test, open it and click on the button (comes in chinees languse), a few seconds after the button will disappear. and your problem goes out
  17. chaslk

    chaslk Lurker

    There is an app called "Call Light" on Android market, I had the same prob w/my htc eris, I installed this app & it fixed the issue.
    Good luck.
  18. treefarn

    treefarn Lurker

    I feel really stupid, because I had this problem too, but I think I discovered my problem.

    I was typing a code on my keypad with an open hand. When I made a fist out of my hand and only had my index finger sticking out, it was fine. (With the open hand, my other fingers hovered over the light sensor and turned it off.
  19. rollenburg

    rollenburg Lurker

    Your solution seems to have worked!
  20. jelly bean

    jelly bean Newbie

    Click volume down & volume up & home key
  21. billy whizz

    billy whizz Member

    seems like different solutions seem to work for some and not for others...ive replaced the proximity sensor 3 times on my phone..its easy if you know how to open your phone up, but i still have the dark screen appearing when calling but stays dark and cant end the phone...ive even emailed htc see my other post regarding this proximaty sensor...
  22. Hello to all, I just started experiencing this problem today. First the headphone symbol came on and stayed on without headphones plugged it. i had to stick tooth pick in headphone jack and move it around to fix. after that i started having the problem with the screen turning off and not turning back on while in a call so i had to pull battery to reset. i read in an above post about the screen protector messing with the sensor so i pulled it off and cleaned screen real good and for the time being that seemed to fix my problem. maybe it can help for those who are having this problem also. thanks for the info and have a blessed evening. :)
  23. Keynith

    Keynith Newbie

    I used thr pimp my rom app to fix the proxsensor. Works perfectly
  24. angel2118

    angel2118 Lurker

    Wow! I think I have fixed this Problem! Thanks to the person that pointed me to the Call Light App. I tested it and the phone stayed on the entire time! I punched in Numbers and other info and the phone didnt go dark once! I was about to throw my phone in the trash! (not really) So as far as I can tell this works! Good luck everyone!
  25. Mr S Android

    Mr S Android Lurker

    I have this problem on my LG Motion.
    It seems to be (ironically) motion related.
    If I am holding the phone I get this problem, but if I place the phone on a solid surface while making a call the problem goes away.

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