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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fbm111, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. fbm111

    fbm111 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Love motorola phones. Hated Droid x2 screen with a passion. Can't get to store to view phone in person. What do you think? Screen same a Droid x2?


    Please only reply if you have seen both phones to compare.

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  2. dguy

    dguy Android Expert

    It's the exact same screen as the Droid X2. It's a love it or hate it thing. I find the outdoor visibility to more than make up for the minute pixelation you see if you try to look really close at the screen.
  3. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday

    From the reviews that I've been seeing, the screen hasn't been an issue like it was for the Atrix. Even Engadget and CNET said that the screen was clear, sharp, and good colors.
  4. deekum1627

    deekum1627 Android Enthusiast

    That's a big thing for me there will be hd screens coming out in october so idk if I should wait or get the bionic now
  5. rdalcanto

    rdalcanto Android Enthusiast

    I think the screen is terrible. Battery gauge at top is very checkerboard. Whole screen is pixelated. Dont know if I can live with this....
  6. nerdstaz

    nerdstaz Well-Known Member

    This is rumor though, and I bet they won't come out on big red first. Seems to take a while for them to catch up in the quality department. I imagine we will be 6 months or so deep before they get them.
  7. fbm111

    fbm111 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    That really stinks. I agree I loved the sunlight still being able to see screen but the rest gave me headache. Oh well guess I will keep my bolt.

    Thanks for input.
  8. EliC

    EliC Android Enthusiast

    You can see pixelation on the screen. Its not horrible, but the images aren't as crisp and sharp as you would expect for the "higher resolution" screen.
  9. rdalcanto

    rdalcanto Android Enthusiast

    Is your battery guage at the top in the status bar checkboard too?!? (Or any solid green for the matter)?
  10. fbm111

    fbm111 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    My issue with Droid x2 was when you scroll you can't read any of the screen.
  11. krouget

    krouget Android Enthusiast

    I'd have to agree. I much prefer the amoled display from the Charge that I recently returned, but that's not to say the Bionic is bad.

    It's most apparent with greens, such as with the "grass" live wallpaper.
  12. Vehtemas

    Vehtemas Android Expert

    Maybe I'm just not picky, but I love the screen. I can see slight pixelation on grays and greens, but it doesn't mess with any of the graphics I try to see.
  13. krouget

    krouget Android Enthusiast

    That's no problem, but you don't have to be picky to criticize it. After "owning" the Charge and using it for roughly two weeks, the difference was rather dramatic, is all I'm saying.

    Interestingly enough, when I jumped from my original Droid to the Charge, I thought the colors were very vivid, but also a touch over-saturated.

    In a nutshell, nothing is perfect, but you get used to it.;)
  14. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    I'm not seeing the pixelation in this screen. Maybe I'm not holding it close enough, but at 6 inches I see none.

    Just my $.02
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  15. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    I think the screen is great. Outdoor viewing in the sun is great as well. Coming from an AMOLED htc Inc I do see the pentile whatever-ma-bobs, but only when viewing it a few inches from my eyes....which I only did to see them. Normal viewing it's sharp, clear, and good colors. The outdoor viewing makes up for lack in blacks.
  16. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday

    After using the screen for a while now, I have to say that it isn't great but its good. I'm actually getting used to the pixelation at close range. I hold my phone about 1 foot away and its fine for me. What is very important for me is screen visibility outdoors because I use my phone a lot outdoors. I haven't used this a lot outdoors but am looking forward to it.
  17. Rodent

    Rodent Member

    I can see it in the sunlight unlike the Droid Inc I came from which is nice, pixilation is there if you actually look for it but thats a moot point with what the rest of the phone is....that being said I am not totally sold on the price it cost...13 more days to decide.
  18. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    I gotta admit it, this screen is probably the phone's weakest point. Now that I've seen it, I can't unsee it. Most notably in greens and whites. Contact pix, and the like are VERY pixelated. I do think this will start to irk me after a while. After watching the football game tonight on it, a 4.5" HD screen doesn't sound like a bad thing at all.

    I DO love that I can see my display in direct sunlight, though. And if this screen helps conserve battery life, I can live with this. This will be the fact that iPhoneys will harp on, though.
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  19. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    Yeah, the OG Droid had a GREAT screen, this one is pretty meh. I'd say if you didn't like the screen on the DX2, you're not likely to be in love with this one.
  20. Jerm13

    Jerm13 Member

    I've seen the pentile pixelation, and while it's disappointing, I can live with it.

    My biggest gripe with the screen, and with this otherwise awesome phone in general, is the color. I'm hoping maybe I just got a bad one?

    The most glaringly obvious way to see it is with bright yellows.
    Holding up a game of Words with Friends on this verse any other phone, the tiles come out a terribly ugly mustard color rather then the bright yellow it should be.

    Is this true for anyone else?
    mills23 likes this.
  21. Vehtemas

    Vehtemas Android Expert

    I don't know...

    I have noticed the pixelation and I must admit I don't really care...

    I almost think it is rather cool and makes it seem more bionicy (I am an odd duck).

    Regardless it may also be the fact that I refuse any other phone on the market and my OG Droid is dead hahaha.
  22. longball10

    longball10 Well-Known Member

    I still have my DX2 and was transferring some calender stuff over and had the brightness all the way up and was SHOCKED. The DX2 was visibly whiter in color while the Bionic had a yellowish tint to the coloring. I prefer the whiter color and couldnt beleive they made it THAT much different.
  23. Reverence

    Reverence Android Enthusiast

    I noticed that comparing the Amazon Appstore icon on my Incredible and the Bionic. While the Bionic has a clearer and more crisp/detailed image in most cases, minus some pixelation on greens and grays, it seriously lacks the vibrant color that was on my Incredible with the AMOLED screen. But then again, the AMOLED scree on my incredible also had terrible battery life, so it is a decent trade-off I guess.
  24. krouget

    krouget Android Enthusiast

    It more reminds me of the old school print comic books, before the tech got all fancy. Here is an example:

    In Defense of Dots: The lost art of comic books - 4CP | Four Color Process

    That said, my display is using very little battery, and if it's due to the pentile tech, then I'd say its a worthy tradeoff. As someone stated above, its less apparent with some distance, but I do notice it rather easily coming from an amoled display.
  25. HotDawg

    HotDawg Android Enthusiast

    With an art degree, I'm pretty picky about visual things. I think this is better then the DX2. Not as good as OG Droid. When I am doing things on it, I am not concentrating at all on the screen, though. It doesn't bother me a bit. (I have to really look for it to see it)

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