ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player 2TB


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ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player

Hey guys. I got this big question to ask all of you!

Has anyone heard of the ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player 2TB?

Its not out yet, till next Friday on the 18th.

No videos or any sort of information about its UI is to be found anywhere...

I wanna know if its gonna have a different user interface than the Screenplay Director from Iomega.

Any help will be very helpful, just wanna compare you know.

I currently own the Boxee Box, but my 1TB hdd is now jam packed with bluray rips, so I am seeking a single solution to have all my media in 1 device.

Thanks guys

Oh and I did have the WD live hub 1TB before, returned it because it wouldnt let me stretch movies to 16x9, hate those **bleep** black bars, Boxee Box resolved the issue just fine.