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SCRom pc installers

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by samsungcrasher, Aug 21, 2012.


What should I add to my next SCRom0.4 custom rom release.

Poll closed Sep 2, 2012.
  1. I want a new theme.

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  2. I want a better home launcher.

    1 vote(s)
  3. I want it available to install for Clockworkmod recovery.

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  4. I would want you to pick from a user's idea.

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  5. Nothing its great the way it is.

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  6. All the above cause you can do it even if it takes a little while.

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  1. samsungcrasher

    Thread Starter


    If anybody wanted to know what SCRom stands for cause some one thought I copy the name from another rom with a similar name.My rom's name is (Samsung Crasher Rom) aka SCRom
    Please backup before installing.

    This project has merge to a newer rom with a exe/batch hybrid.
    So that means this will no longer be updates. Please go toHere for newer releases.

    If you like my work and wish to help donations are always appreciated!

  2. samsungcrasher

    Thread Starter


    Changes from SCRom 0.4 to SCRom

    fixed camera not working in the build prop.
    removed zeam and replaced it with holo launcher
    removed more useless apks not needed.if any problem let me know please as I do not have a repp to test no more.
    More fixes if any shall rise maybe some more init.d scripts to have the rom run smoother?

    Changes from 0.4 installer to final installer

    Removed auto back not needed any more.
    fix some issues in the script that causes a install loop on newer pcs i was using xp and now use 8.
    Will auto reboot into Clockworkmod for easier reboot or do it your self when not installing the rom for additional backups .
    It makes sure you read the risks and understand them before it will even let you see the install screen.
    Will be fixes if any shall rise up

    Rom link:Samsungcrasher rom

    Changes from 0.3 installer to 0.4
    fix what read out after restore was done will tell you what restore you did
    Fixed removing boot sound I overlooked it bad command.
    In the future I might do away with back up and restore it might just reboot you into cwm if you have it but might just keep one backup only no auto backup

    Changes from SCRom 0.3 to 0.4

    decodexed all system app and framework and realign all apks for theming and space in next update I had to do the framework manually is why it wasnt done frist like the system app folder was.
    added flash player 11 in system works best with mini dolphin.
    removed busybox apk is not needed as the installer already installs it in the system for you.
    removed mobilebackup apk.
    3g and wifi speed hacks.
    better scrolling.
    new zeam home lancher removed old one.
    faster graphics.
    better signal.
    No trace files, log files, error logs, logcat, debug logs, and no google log upload for better upload speed and system speed.
    better battery life.
    faster bootup.
    also added move2sd apk to system just open app a select external and you can move any app to sd even phone only apps
    Alot more internet and system speed hacks I dont feel like listing try it out and see if you like it.
    Also can install from cwm link below.

    Here link to SCRom windows installer

    This for people without a pc or windows for cwm

    Must have cwm installed here link Reppcwm

    Here link toSCRom without init.d cwm

    Here link to SCRom with init.d cwm
    Changes from 0.2 to 0.3 installer
    You can install with init.d or without for updating from SCRom0.2
    change file attributes to hide files it was a eye sore.
    Fixed installer from crashing when you didn't type the right answer to
    install rom. Now goes back to main menu
    Added rooting site link in main menu for people that didn't know
    Fixed backup when it was done to tell you which backup you did.

    Changes from 0.2 to 0.3 rom
    Can install with init.d or not. If updating or if you don't won't to.
    Removed boot logo, sound, and shutdown logo.
    Removed amazon setting in ect.
    Removed Audible setting in ect.
    will still install busybox and su with or without init.d.

    Here is the linkSCRom0.3

    SCRom 0.2

    Change from 0.1 to 0.2 installer

    New name.
    more backup options plus safety folder.
    better gui .
    easier to get back to main menu or stay in the same window like when backing up it wont close till you tell it to so you can make more than one backup or restore.
    Gives you the option to auto backup before installing.
    A better way to make sure you want to install so you dont risk bricking your device.
    more cleanup installer has less files.

    Changes from 01 to 0.2 rom

    init.d now will be included with rom.
    Busybox and su installed in both bin and xbin in the system .
    I had to cause init.d did not wont to work till i link both bin and xbin to init.d so it would run right.

    A test file will be in data/test.log to see if init.d works.
    fixed some permissions in system.

    here the link SCRom

    Changes from stock
    deodex the system/app apks
    zipalign the rom for faster speedup
    some build.prop tweaks
    removed bloatware
    included superuser and busybox apk in system/app for easy install

    What comes with installer
    It will backup the rom from phone before installing.
    You can also backup rom before Installing.
    You can restore the auto backup or your backup with this rom installer.
    here is the link: Gingerbreadbaked

    If you like my work and wish to help donations are always appreciated!
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  3. NomadCF

    NomadCF Lurker

    Keep up the good work !
  4. mrbeers

    mrbeers Lurker

    Anyone have a CWD backup for the Repp R680? I am both newb & noob to the rooting scene and deleted my backup when I factory reset my phone. Any help will be appreciated. I'm gonna spam this message until I get my 10 posts then I'll post a new thread. Sorry mods! My family is without a phone until I fix this!
  5. SeaWry

    SeaWry Lurker

    Just got my hands on one of these phones, thought I would say thanks for making this and your work dedicated to it. As well the CWMRepp fix and recovery "makes me feel safe modding this now".

    Mean time, it would be kinda nice if you can get maybe Compcache and Swap enabled on this in some form. Since even with custom rom and removal of bloatware, it appears to still have difficulties with ram management after awhile. The addition of Flash 11 makes it more so sometimes on flash derived websites that do not have mobile versions.

    I would modify the current SCRom 0.4. But I have little understanding of how to do it. Also maybe see if possible to make this from RFS file system to EXT4.

    Also a bug note, seems file manager crashes if say like viewing app files list. Say Minebuilder, I can put it on the SD and go to it after installing and view all the files, textures and sounds. However when I reach the bottom it just crashes, I do not know how to get log files or of that sorts, so kinda useless there.

    But I will say the Build.props tweaks for GPU, the Debug SW fix and so forth, really speed up gaming on this.

    Well all I have to say at moment, I highly look forward to updates. I beg you do keep attempting at this phone for a fully optimized and stable custom rom. Esp if you can get support that was suggested above "would help this budget entry phone a lot".
  6. tc0566

    tc0566 Newbie

    Ok Can we get the stock email app back and the boot screen.And The Zeam launcher may be fast but it has no themes and virtually no support would love to get Holo Launcher as default launcher lol. Ty Also none of the windows installers work they crash my phone and install nothing,and after using them can't use SCRom with init.d cwm,SU immediately crashes after installing anything that requires root privileges.

  7. SeaWry

    SeaWry Lurker

    There is better email apps then stock, by far better. And I agree, I tried to restore boot screen and animation, but I think it was disabled in the boot image itself, therefore I couldn't restore it myself. I have no idea how to extract and recombine a boot image safely.

    I would say use CWM to install the OS rom. I had absolute 0 issues, but zeam launcher crashes sometimes, and always on from power off to power on. Also sometimes the power off button "on screen" does not work. I can tap it, but phone does nothing.

    I am using init.d rom without issues, even added latest adreno 200 libs after flashing, I ADB pushed them. I will say, if you are that advanced, it makes a very noticeable performance. Also there is a few more build tweaks I found that makes good difference.

    PS: Be sure to wipe caches, data, etc before flashing OS rom. I had issues first time with a few apps, but after doing second time, flawless performance except the zeam crashing.
  8. tc0566

    tc0566 Newbie

    I agree with wiping the caches but have found that cw does not always do so..and that causes problems,check the error log, it has rw and w errors when trying it can't find delvic cache on an either stock rooted or init_d.I use a root explorer to delete delvic and imediately rebboot to cw .I have same issues with crashing Zeam but no issues with shutdown buttons.And one other thing it needs is CM 7 theme manager lol
  9. SeaWry

    SeaWry Lurker

    Last night I got reading and thinking. I went into CW and wiped dalvik cache, then used ADB to remove Zeam launcher and pushed another there. The new launcher works alot smoother.

    I did some custom mods to SamsungCrashers rom after installing it, before first boot using ADB. Such as pushing latest adreno 200 libs, some custom build tweaks. I dont think Zeam launcher liked the adreno libs though and settings, otherwise it worked fine "sometimes".

    For such a phone like this, it has great amount of bite when set so. But I really think it could use CompCache "compressed ram". It could help in situations and esp since flash is on this now.

    FYI, I got the free HoloLauncher, got the APK on my phone, saved to PC. Using ADB, I remounted the NAND and removed zeam.org package from Apps, not a clean uninstall since PM "Package manager" refused to remove it since phone must be booted normally.

    After removing, pushed the HoloLauncher as a test, booted up phone. everything worked fine. The launcher is not crashing and is much smoother then zeam was. However power button, then tap on shutdown the confirm dialog tends to not appear sometimes. Otherwise its fine.
  10. tc0566

    tc0566 Newbie

    SeaWry,I used RomToolkit,first install your launcher of choice and make it default launcher.Then use app manager to convert Zeam to user app and immediately uninstall it.Reboot and go back to RomToolkit and app manager and convert your new launcher to system app.use root browser to clear delvik and then a final reboot to clock work do a system restore to factory clear all caches and do a backup .You now have a new room with your new launcher as default.The answer to the boot issue is in init_rc it has the boot locked.I have no idea how to unlock it.
  11. SeaWry

    SeaWry Lurker

    Thanks for info, but it is all fine. I used Android Commander and some other methods to clean up and refine my install.

    Also good news to anyone who even comes to this dust gathering phone thread.

    Samsung has released the Source Code for this phone, Samsung Open Source Release Center


    SCH-R680, USCC. It is a 128MB download and contains as seen in screenshot.

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  12. tc0566

    tc0566 Newbie

    SeaWry,Could you get me the link for the Adreno libs and some instructions for installation.Also now that we have the source code all we now is Cryogen mod lol Good find
  13. SeaWry

    SeaWry Lurker

    Previous message removed, obsolete.

    EDIT: Ok, I forgot but someone reminded me. So here is the info I used, I had absolute no issues. I have not yet to encounter anymore issues. But I do notice performance increase.


    Download the zip, open it. We wont be flashing anything, but pushing and deleting, or using Android Commander "what I suggest, makes life simple".

    Extract libGLES_android200.so from EGL folder, should be last Modified 2012-03-04, the others ignore. As you see they are last modified in 2008. The ones that are default on our phone, the SCH-R680, is from 2011. This lib above is the only updated one.

    Now, simple as to say, you just need to delete current one in /system/lib/egl and then replace with above.

    You can try some the build tweaks, but only most are already in phone anyway and set as they are "by SamsungCrasher". So you shouldn't need to mess with these. A good one to add that is not existing though is the camera quality one. ro.media.enc.jpeg.quality=100

    Sadly I poked around at the kernel source and such, but its all mind boggling at me because I am no Linux person, i use it, but know nothing of its coding nor android.
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  14. slimmbanditt

    slimmbanditt Lurker

    Hey guys, i accidentally erased my back up and system files after a successful root... ive spent the last few days searching for answers but all this linux stuff is french to me... any suggestions?
  15. SeaWry

    SeaWry Lurker

    Use A CWM "hopefully you using CWM" rom by SamsungCrasher and sadly you lost your data files.

    Just put a unzipped ROM of your choice for CWM, be stock or modified one in a folder on your SD card called clockworkmod/backup/your rom here

    Then boot into Recovery using Down volume, Home key and hold those 2 and power. From there restore that recovery folder you just made. Sadly though nothing can be done to get your data back.
  16. diceman1000

    diceman1000 Member

    please someone, i'm trying to flash this ROM on my daughters repp, i got it rooted and after updating binary have full root... but, when i try to run the windows batch installer for this ROM, everything fails... it says it's installed, but it's not... what am i doing wrong???do i need to rename the file from rar to zip so i can flash via CWM??? man this thing is a pain, my Ascend 2 was 1000000 times easier than this...
  17. theinfiniti

    theinfiniti Lurker

    Would appreciate help here too, can't flash .rar via CWM! :S
  18. diceman1000

    diceman1000 Member

    I got it to flash by unzipping it and putting the unzipped in the backup file for CWM of my SD card, but when i flashed there was no launcher... flashed back to stock for now
  19. SeaWry

    SeaWry Lurker

    You not suppose to. You are meant to extract the folder in the .rar achive to a folder directory on your SD card called


    Then boot into ClockWork Recovery and from there do a Restore and select the folder, either stock or SCR 0.4. DO NOT forget to do a backup first.

    DO NOT forget to wipe dalvik cache as well Data Cache. This can help prevent issues, such as the post above this about Launcher not showing, I had that issue once as seen above in the thread here.

    However in the end I replaced the launcher in the Rom itself with Holo launcher. Since Zeam launcher is dead and no longer updated.

    I highly suggest getting Clock Work Recovery as the Recovery, makes things FAR more simple then using windows batch system. As well its less foolproof and safer imo.
  20. diceman1000

    diceman1000 Member

    I did just that, no launcher...
  21. SeaWry

    SeaWry Lurker

    I see, well then fancy replacing it manually?

    Before though, do you have an USB data cable for your phone.

    If so also then that is excellant. Just go into CWM, restore the rom of your choice BUT DO NOT RESTART. Instead go and Mount /system while the phone is connected to a PC.

    Then open and if dont have install Android SDK with Platform Tools, you will need ADB.exe for this.

    If so then you can replace the launcher apk in the /system/apps. Its org.Zeam.apk just to state. Personally id say find the apk to the free Holo launcher, remove org.zeam.apk, then push the holo launcher apk in replace.

    Basically in adb console you need to type this somewhat.

    adb del /system/apps/org.zeam.apk however I would suggest doing adb shell then doing ls /system/apps

    Then find and see if org.zeam.apk is there

    if so then you can just delete it like that, by del /system/apps/apk name

    Then exit the adb shell, or just type exit to say.

    Or put the holo launcher apk on the SD card, then just cp /sdcard/apkname /system/apps

    Then double check using ls /system/apps

    If the apk name is there, all done.

    If you already know how to push, pull, delete using CMD adb, then ignore this.

    Personally I know what you mean by your issue, hence why I replaced Zeam launcher.
  22. diceman1000

    diceman1000 Member

    cool, thank you. I'll try that over the holiday.
  23. tc0566

    tc0566 Newbie

    SeaWry, don't know if your still around but I just got a message from samsungcrasher, we may be getting a new rom. Lets hope he reads this and implements some of the fixes and a new launcher lol
  24. This new samsung crasher dosnt work my phone is bricked. Also it wipped out all my backups and phone is all jammed up.
  25. samsungcrasher

    Thread Starter

    Did you run it as admin and have usb debugging enabled.If it didn't finish.You can flash this Stock rom in Cwm it should fix it.It will put you phone back to factory settings and have root.

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