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Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Crude, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Crude

    Crude Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    When I first got hte droid scummvm was in the market place. It didn't work though and now it's gone. I'm patiently waiting for the new scummvm for android 2.0. I was hoping to play the dig and sam and max the whole way down to mexico and back sometime in jan.

    Anyone else waiting for scummvm?

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  2. ari-free

    ari-free Android Expert

    I don't want to play games I already played before but I would like to see new games with great stories, lateral thinking puzzles and a sense of humor.
  3. Crude

    Crude Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I haven't played these games in 10 years!
  4. whitey522

    whitey522 Newbie

    the thing is they don't really make games like that anymore Lucasarts Point and Click adventure's are CLASSIC but other then say a remake or modernization your not going to get anything like it. and come on your telling me you don't want to replay monkey island or day of the tentacle?
  5. ari-free

    ari-free Android Expert

    sniff...they really were the best games. I feel so bad now.
  6. whitey522

    whitey522 Newbie

    Is this available for the droid eris this scummvm app? and if it IS available does it work on a non-keyboard phone. (yes im aware its a point and click but i like to be sure)
  7. Crude

    Crude Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    honestly I do not know. Last I heard it was working on android 1.6

    you need to download the base program and then the engine for the game you are wanting to play. Add the game files to the sd card and you're in buisness.

    Home (scummvm-android)
  8. Drazil

    Drazil Well-Known Member

    Just installed ScummVM on my Hero and started playing a bunch of old games again. One thing I noticed is that without a keyboard, is there another way to skip the opening scenes? I'm sliding and tapping and pressing the trackball but nothing seems to do the function of the Esc key to skip the super long openings...:thinking:
  9. Kirys

    Kirys Newbie

    uhmm i don't see it on the market on my milestone :(
  10. Drazil

    Drazil Well-Known Member

    probably because milestone is on 2.1 and hero is still on 1.5
  11. -Jester-

    -Jester- Newbie

    @ Drazil

    I found that perssing the back key works for me to skip intros (HTC Magic)

  12. Drazil

    Drazil Well-Known Member

    The back button kicks me out of the app on the Hero. I tried every key on the soft keyboard and nothing worked to bypass the intro cutscenes. :(
  13. Ziani

    Ziani Android Expert

    I luv Monkey Island and games like that.

    Can someone give me a tutorial on how to set this up. I understand I need the base program. What is the engine? How do I get the game files, surely they would be too large for my SD Card? Thanks.

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