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SD Card and SIM Card

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jason359, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. jason359

    jason359 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi all,
    I really hate to post a new thread for this question but I can't find the answer on my own. When switching out an SD Card on the S7, do you just eject the card and then pop out the drawer? What about the SIM Card? Do you eject it as well? I just replaced my SD Card, but I decided to be safe and eject the card, then turn the phone off and then switch the card. This seems unnecessary. Am I correct in that assumption? Thanks!:)

  2. Jinxii

    Jinxii Newbie

    Yup! Don't need to turn it off, just press eject and pop out the tray. You don't need to remove the sim card as you do not need to remove the full tray.
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  3. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I disagree with this post! ALWAYS, Make sure that the phone is powered off before you ever attempt to locate or remove the SIM card and/or Memory Card!

    If a phone is still powered on during an attempted SIM card removal, both the device and the SIM card can be damaged irreparably. Also, if you pull the tray containing the Sim Card and SD card also you risk damage to data on the SD card if the S7 is writing to the SD card when you pop the tray if the phone is on. Anyway, always, turn phone off and then pop the tray!

    For the S7, you can pop the tray and just slide the tray out far enough to get the memory card out. When you go to reinsert the tray have you finger resting on the SD card while it is in the tray as this will make sure the memory card is in position and will not get hung up in the card slot, etc..

    Also, you can turn on the phone even if there is no Sim card and or memory card is in the device, this causes no harm. Your S7 will display a message that no Sim card is in device if it does not have a Sim card inserted in the tray.
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  4. jason359

    jason359 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the input BillArf and Jinxii
  5. Fonglee

    Fonglee Lurker

    I agree with BillArf. Always turn your phone off when removing any sim or micro sd card.
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  6. jason359

    jason359 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Fonglee
  7. KupKrazy

    KupKrazy Android Enthusiast

    I do agree that it's better to power off before removing the SIM card but I do think the phones are designed to recognize this. That being said, I am not a fan of just removing an electrical circuit while there is power running through it.

    The microSD card on the other hand - that's a different story. The GS7 doesn't allow you to remove the microSD without also removing the SIM card due to the tray, which I find totally interesting because in the Storage settings, it has to option (like all other phones) to Unmount the microSD card (which will then make it safe to remove the microSD card without turning it off).

    So, Samsung didn't think to disable that function because they either forgot, or they didn't think removal of the two cards while the phone was on was an issue (assuming you have unmounted the memory card).
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  8. jason359

    jason359 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    cool thanks
  9. kikstrtr

    kikstrtr Lurker

    Just hooked up s7 to laptop and did backup. Wanted to add more pics to my sc card after it was done. Did split screen on laptop, 1 for sd card pics, and 1 with laptop pics. Seems that not all my folders show up on sd card display, BUT do show up on phone pic gallery. ???? Anyone know why.
  10. jason359

    jason359 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Do you have "show hidden files" checked? It's in folder options.
  11. kikstrtr

    kikstrtr Lurker

    No I don't, but neither does laptop file
  12. jason359

    jason359 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Maybe check it and see what happens?? Just to humor me?
  13. kikstrtr

    kikstrtr Lurker

    K. Thx. Gotta do later. Watching nascar
  14. kikstrtr

    kikstrtr Lurker

    Oh, check hidden file on laptop?
  15. jason359

    jason359 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

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