SD-card apps gone and locked out


Android Question

Hi, Thanks for helping

I was just trying to move an app from my device storage to my SD card, when my phone froze and crashed in the process.
Now it seems that my SD card is having a critical error of some kind,
The following issues are happening:

1. all of the SD card apps are gone from the app drawer.
2. when I click on their home screen icons, it says "app isn't installed".
3. when I look in settings>application manager, the SD card apps have their com. names (eg. "com.adobe.reader").
4. when I try to move these com. app files back to device storage, it says "unable to move app. App doesn't exist".
5. when I try to install an app again from the Play store, first it could not install, and says "Application cannot be installed in the default install location", but then it eventually did install, retaining all of my save data, and playing normally.
6. when I tried to move this reinstalled app back to SD card storage, it says "Unable to move app. Not enough storage space".

I have tried rebooting with and without my SD card, nothing changes.
I think that my phone must not be recognizing my SD card all of a sudden.
I would really prefer to not reformat my SD card and lose all of my data.

I am on a Samsung Galaxy Note (original).
I am using an 8GB Kingston micro SD card.
Not rooted.

Any help would be amazing, all of my apps, and some important information, has now been lost.