Help Sd card class

HI everyone
Can someone post the sd card class that's installed. i have a 16gb class 6 should i swap it.

BTW I'm new to Verizon, i was with ATT iphone, i have to say this is a great phone. I was with ATT since i can remember, they lost me because they don't offer a wide range of android based phones. I tried the Captivate for two weeks and its piece of junk (the screen is the only good thing)IMHO.

Thanks everyone and Motorola is back
I think some have received a SanDisk class 2, while others have a generic class 4. Either way, seems like you'll probably be better off with your class 6. There's a thread about this somewhere.


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I used an SD speed test app and I have the generic class 4 but the speeds I got were the same as a class 6. It really won't make a big difference anyways. But since you have a better one why not use it.