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SD Card Cleaner?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by MuGGzyX, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. MuGGzyX

    MuGGzyX Newbie
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    I recently noticed that my SD card is almost full. I know I have installed and removed MANY games and apps as I check things out and realize I wouldn't use them or they just suck.
    I suspect they are leaving big piles of data/files behind when I uninstall them. A good example is some of the Gameloft games that DL a full 1GB+ of files and then leave them behind when I remove them.

    Has anyone seen, found, or heard of something that can check for "orphan" files and folders that have no current active application associated with them, or maybe have not been accessed/changed in a certain number of days so I can try to hunt down and delete some of the un-needed crap left behind?


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  2. FirebirdStud

    FirebirdStud Android Enthusiast

    Im looking for this too. Did you end up finding anything?
  3. Gekko

    Gekko Android Expert

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  4. FirebirdStud

    FirebirdStud Android Enthusiast

    just d/l it and I cant wait to see how it does. :D
  5. Usta

    Usta Android Expert

  6. FirebirdStud

    FirebirdStud Android Enthusiast

    Yeah I was rooted. Just had to sbf yesterday though and lost it.. for now. :)

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