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SD card file organization etc.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MarkWF1, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. MarkWF1

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    Hey guys,

    First time poster, new to Android. Having problems getting my small little brain to understand file's and file organization on this thing.. First off I popped out the SD card that came with the phone and put in my 16Gig card I had in my Touch Pro2. Formated it and started trying to figure it out..

    First thing I notice, is that when I plug in the phone. It keeps looking for driver's.. Something about HTC sync? Don't tell me all the drivers and such were on the card that came with the phone?

    So first question.. What files do I need to get and were to get them?

    Second question.. Do we have an overview of what files are needed for what and were to put them, so I can get some file progression going.. A file tree overview of sorts? Ringers Pictures etc.

    ie: Before I took any pictures I had no file folder to use to put pictures in and had no idea were to put them to have the gallery find them.. Familiarity with the android system is my problem here.. Little help would be appreceated, I'm so lost! ;-) Now that I have a couple pictures I took on the phone a regular DCIM folder showed up on the card for the pictures, that problem is solved! as I just started copying pictures into that folder so the gallery can find them.

    Like I said familiarity is my problem at this point, I'm so lost. Someone had said there was an option under the camera control options to be able to store pictures on the phone or on the card. I couldn't find it under camera settings as suggested?

    Thanks for the help in advance. And dont kill me if I double posted on the subject. Just a Noobe looking for a little help is all. ;-)

    Yours on The Android Forums


  2. MarkWF1

    MarkWF1 Lurker
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    Hate it when I answer my own question... Found it! Opened mouth and inserted brain..
    So I will pay penance and type out all file folders on the 2Gig card that comes with the phone, after first boot up.. I'm sure some of this is created when phone gets first booted..

    Files on the card are as follow's in order:

    HTC Sync
    Sample Photo

    Now more questions.. What is the, "rosie_scroll" file and what does it do?

    Whats the "Lost.DIR" file?

    Others are kind of self explanatory... Insightful comments and dialog appreciated, I'm sure by all fellow Noobs that may be reading this thread.. ;-)



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