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SD Card / Low Storage Problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ViralGold, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. ViralGold

    ViralGold Well-Known Member
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    Hey All,

    Hoping for a bit help plz :)

    I have 16GB S3 ( rooted / no rom ) and bought a 16GB micro SD the other day.

    I put it in the phone and formatted it, then tried to move my apps up onto the SD card to no avail. I tried numerous apps but none would move them to the SD. 2 of the apps i tried wouldn't even install as it said not enough storage space. That was the 1st time i saw that error.

    So i backed up with titanium and created a restore with CWM, transfered them to Ext SD card no probs, I then thought i would put my music on the SD card so moved the folder over to the Ext SD and that seemed to work ok until i looked at my storage and the music was still on the internal memory but the folder is in the Ext one.

    Then tonight i had 8 updates to apps so i went to install them and 4 did and 4 didn't, again saying not enough storage.

    The crazy part is i have 12.6GB on Ext and 7.1GB on internal free but it still says not enough storage :/

    Even crazier is i installed an app of 40mb in size as a test and it installed perfectly ( so storage isn't a problem apart from some apps ) so why are them others saying there's not enough storage? I have unmounted the card and it still says the same and my music is still on the phone even though it's meant to be on the Ext card, the file is on it and the Ext was unmounted.

    Apart from this the phone seems to be working fine.

    Anyone got any ideas what i have done to screw it up and how to fix it?

    Sorry for the long post but wanted to give as much detail as i could :)


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