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SD card mounting questions and problems...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Pyrokai, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. Pyrokai

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    Sep 12, 2010

    Sep 12, 2010
    First of all, hi guys! I'm new here and this is my very first post. I plan to stay and post more now that I'm a member though. Unfortunately, my first post is all about getting some help for a big problem I'm having with my phone and It's rather discouraging and frustrating :(

    I'm using Motorola Droid.

    Okay, so I'm running extremely low on storage space for my phone (not the SD card). I originally thought that it was because it was saving all my pictures to my phone instead of the SD card. So, I connected my phone to my computer for the very first time (I've had my Droid since November '09) in order to move the pictures from my phone to the SD card. Then I found out that it automatically saves all pictures to the SD card, so I didn't need to do that. Well, after connecting via USB for the first time I decided it's as good as time as ever to actually figure out how to exchange files so I can actually put music and videos onto my phone from my computer.

    What a mess! It's a time like this where I really wish there was an iTunes-esque program for when I connect my phone to my computer. I've avoided connecting my phone to my computer for this very reason, and when I do I mess it all up! I really need help. Let me explain.

    I wasn't sure if what I was seeing within the Finder (I'm using a Mac) was from the phone or the actual SD card. I just didn't know, so I disconnected and unmounted my SD card from my phone, then plugged my phone back into the computer without an SD card. Well, nothing mounted on the desktop so I soon then figured out that everything being shown on in the Finder when my phone is plugged-in is from the SD card. Cool. Figured that out. I put the SD card back into the phone and go back to the SD card settings to remount it on my phone. I click "mount SD card" on my phone and nothing happens. It won't mount. All the apps I had saved on the SD card are gone, and any Homescreen shortcuts to those apps now have a generic Android icon and say the app isn't installed. Well, duh, that's because the SD card won't mount. I'm afraid I ruined something and will have to download everything again. Why won't it mount the SD card? Oh, and oddly enough, even though the SD card isn't mounted in Android, my computer mounted the SD card/phone and I can view all the files and folders on the SD card that way.

    All this and I STILL have little-to-no space remaining on my phone's internal storage :( . I don't know what to do because I use all the apps I have and don't want to delete them. Is there any residual data left from any apps I once deleted that's taking up space? How do I get rid of that? Is it just the cache that I have to clear INDIVIDUALLY for each app (what a pain!)? Is it just the apps I have? Do I simply have too many? Is there something I'm missing? Is it my Gmail app saving all the attachments or something? I downloaded Astrid and don't understand anything about it in the slightest. I'm not the most tech-savvy man out there.

    Also, where would I put movies or video files if I want to watch them on my phone? What folder? I don't understand it's organization and I'm afraid to touch or change anything for fear of borking an app or any data I have on my phone.

    Any help you guys can give would be fantastic. Talk to you soon, then.


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