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SD card needs to be formated weekly

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MotoDefy, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. MotoDefy

    MotoDefy Newbie
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    I have a 32gb micro sd in my lg f3 when I first put in the sd card the phone wanted to format it, I did through the phone now every few weeks I get the message in the pull down menu (BLANK SD CARD)(SD card blank or has unsupported file system)then it asks me to Format the card
    I can not use the card again unless I format it

    is the problem my phone or the sd card ?

    the sd card is not a cheap knock off I learned my lesson the first time this sd card is a sandisk bought at a popular electronic store


  2. I have a 32GB Sandisk as well, never this problem. I'm guessing it's the card. SanDisk has a lifetime warranty so just get it replaced.
  3. MotoDefy

    MotoDefy Newbie
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    Update..... My sd card was the issue my luck with micro sd cards has never been good.

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