Dec 22, 2012

I am a new owner of a HTC Desire HD and absolutely love it.... However, because I want to take pics etc I have bought a SD Card. I shut it down and inserted it but it wont recognise it. Is there a method to this?

Ok, before switching SD cards to best to unmount them. Go into the settings>storage>unmount SD card. Once that is done insert the new card and the phone should pick it up and ask to format it for you. If not the other thing to do first is to format it via your computer if you can and make sure its formatted as FAT32, you'll see the format options beforehand. I take it when you've bought a SD card you're basically gone for a larger capacity SD card? If so you'll need to copy everything over from your previous SD card to your new one. Again this can be done by copying all your files to your computer and then copying back over to your new card. This will make sure all your data and apps still work. Afterwards if it still doesn't find your new SD card then it maybe a make it just doesn't except. I take it the SD card that came with the phone it picked up ok?

I purchased the phone with no SD Card supplied.

I've just tried what you suggested and it wont allow me to select it.

Ok, is your DHD brand new or did you buy it off someone else? Seems strange there wasn't a SD with it. Have you tried another SD card? If you have then it could be a problem with the phone itself. Haven't heard of failing SD card slots on the DHD. Does it click when you slot the card in? I've just recently fixed my DHD and had to take it all to pieces but I noticed after repairing it I had a slight problem with my SD card not being picked up. I did fix the problem but it's not fixable without taking the main back cover off. I won't go further with that as it could be down to something simple. Can you try your SD in another device just to test it actually works? Does it show up on your computer?
I bought the phone from CEX. I only have this SD Card available to put in the phone so haven't tried another. I dont have a device to try the SD Card in, to try it in the computer. I will speak to my brother in law who may have and ask for his advice.

Then I would be tempted to take it back to CEX and get them to test it for you, or put a SD card in the phone to confirm its working correctly. There maybe a reason why it didn't come with a card included as in it maybe faulty. Whether that's the way it was sold to them or they never actually tested it before selling it to you who knows BUT I wouldn't put it past them. If you've had it less than 8 days they should refund you.
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